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Top List url shortener sites | Strategic ideas to make money


Best 5 URL shortener sites to make money from it | Ideas for strategic planning

You know there are so many different ways, more ways than you think on how to make money online, there are so many ways to make money online that you could find you ideal ways to make money online if you research it carefully.

Literally, there are endless ways to make money online from the comfort of your home and people are doing it already and becoming millionaire creating their own businesses.

It is not so hard as you think it is to make money online you can do from simple task to very skilful things to make money online, What you need is some free time some good skills on anything that you love and determination to make it till the end.

So in this part of making money online, we are going to teach you how you can make money from a short link site and how to work in this short link sites and also give you the strategy on making more money on this short link sites and also what are the top websites to make money from this short links sites.

    What Are Short Link Sites

    What are this short link or link shortener sites, it is a site where you short you links which are very long and use there in build website tool to make those link short. 

    What it literally means is short link or URL shortener site is a tool that makes your long links short which is very easy to share.

    How to Join Short Link or Link Shorter Sites

    There are so many short link websites out there in the market that lets you make you link short and easy to share.

    There are many free short link that are very popular like bit.ly and there are also many short link websites that pay you money to share that short link.

    So how to join in this kind of websites and make money from it by sharing the short links from the comfort of your home.

    Joining in this website are very easy and it one take a minute or two to join in this kind of websites you can see the below list and can join from it.

    Now if you have chosen on which site you want to join the click on the link to join the website.

    Then look for register and register as a publisher if you want to make money or join as an advertiser if you want to show your ads on.

    The registration form will appear to fill the required form to register and use the email that you use in your payment processor it will be easy late on to withdraw your fund.

    so after completing the registration form a confirmation email will be sent to your given email go and open it.

    After to open your confirmation email click in the link given by the email or by that website and you will now be redirected to their site and the registration will be complete.

    Now you just have to find a link that you want to share and short it on the site that you just joined and share it.

    How To Make Money From It

    The process of making money in this short link sites is very easy, as now that you have joined the site what you have to do it now it.

    Go to your favourite sites like fave book or youtube or Instagram and copy the links that you want to share it may be an image or a video or a song.

    Now you have copied the link go to the short link site and paste it in the link pasting area and shrink it and your link be short and monetized now.

    and share it to your friends and to your families or to your colleges to make money from it, the more you share your link the more money you will be able to make from this kind of sites.

    And remember the most important thing to make money in this kind of site is to share your short link as much as you can.

    This kind of work of making money online best works for those who have huge friends or fan followings or who is a content creator or video creator.

    So remember to have this kind of requirement before joining in this kind of websites or your time will be wasted. 

    Strategy To Make More Money From It

    There are so many ways to make money from this kind of short link sites or URL shortener websites. 

    To make online in this kind of website you need a huge fan following or website traffic to make money from it and to earn more or to make money from it follow this strategy to make more from it.

    We all use social media and we all have so many friends in our social media accounts that you can share this kind of links to make more money but just remember social media has limits on link sharing if you overdo it you will be blocked.

    If you are a video creator or a you-tuber you can use your short links to promote your own videos as well as to monetise your link to make more from it or you can give free eBooks links that are monetised by short link site.

    And if you are a content writer or blogger then you make more from it by sharing your short links sites or multiple short link site but remember do not spam it try to put something good behind your link like a funny video or something else

    Advertise your links yup you can make huge money from if you can advertise your links the trick here is promoting many links in a one page and promoting that page or advertising it and remember to make it very attractive or use best your tube videos and short their links.

    If you have neither of the above then use your WhatsApp or your telegram app to share that links to make money from it.

    Top 5 Short Link Sites To Join


    it is one among the foremost beneficial URL Shortener on the earth. join As a distributor, you get 80% of its promoting income. 

    Thought of it together of the foremost genuine URL shorteners out there, the foremost loved among people who have sites that make a huge number of perspectives. it's likewise picked for its strong programming structure which does not make bombing issues so to offer its clients a really much-arranged working stage. 

    Adshrink-URL-shortnerAlong, Adshrink.it gives you the simplest scientific devices for your connections and a tremendous program expansion to abbreviate your URLs 

    Presently some flavour to urge you to start utilizing Adshrink.it. It has 50,000+ enlisted Users, as of now accomplished 300,000+ abbreviated connections and as of now clicked 20,000,000+ connections. What more? Use Adshrink.it immediately to assist your salary. 


    win cash through Shrinkme URL shortener.

    shrinkmeYou can without much of a stretch usher in cash from home utilizing this free instrument. You win cash for every visit. Through the referral program, you'll procure significantly more. you'll allude companions and obtain 20% of their income for ever. 

    At the purpose once you profound drive their site for genuine, you'll observer instalment proofs also. 

    The shortener instrument additionally gives an excellent deal of dissects highlights. Like, you'll come to understand what presents to you the foremost pay and therefore the techniques you would like to embrace. 


    ShrinkEarn.com is extraordinary compared to other URL Shortener sites to accumulate cash online in India.

    Thus, don't stall out reasoning twice. it's simply brisk and basic: abbreviate any connection, share it and begin acquiring with Shrinkearn.com. Take the plunge Now. 

    shrinkearn URL shortnerProminent highlights of this Shrinkearn incorporates 

    It is a free apparatus 

    Offer your referral connect together with your companions and procure 25% of their profit forever. 

    You approach nitty-gritty live details. 


    Clk.sh is one among the continued and best URL shorteners. it's a free instrument. On here, publicists can make flags and interstitial promoting effort. 

    Besides, as a distributor, you'll win cash to abbreviate and share abbreviate joins on the online. Beneficially, it's one among the foremost lucrative URL shorteners in 2020. 

    All you've got to try to do is, simply make a record, with Clk.sh, make an abbreviate connection and offer it anyplace on the online. You continue bringing in cash for every view or visit. 

    CLKWhen you allude Clk to your companions and online friends., you procure 25% of their acquiring for all times as a member commission. 


    You can include Smoner additionally within the rundown of URL shortener once you look for bringing in cash by URL shortening. 

    smonerThe highlight of Smoner incorporates You get paid when clients click the connection from any piece of the planet. 

    The base payout is $3 and paid by means of PayPal.  Instalments are paid a day. Smoner settles up to $7 per 1000 perspectives. 

    Along, you'll win 10% of commission once you allude another check-in.