Top Advance language learning apps 2020 for free but limited

Top Five Advance language learning apps 2020 for free to use

we are always seeking new things or wanted to know more. Language is one of the keys of knowledge. 

How? If you know many languages you will be able to connect with more people from different regions of the world. 

Like if you know English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Hindi then you can communicate with other people and discover new things like their culture, religion, history etc. 

And if a foreigner speaks with you with your language then you will amaze, make conversations and connect with the foreigner right? 

Then what if you speak to a foreigner in their language they will easily connect with you. 

But how to learn? Where to go? Should I take a course? these question can waste your time and may you won't take action.  

If you really want to learn and get an effective result? Then here are the top 3 language learning apps for free:

Yes, You can learn any language for FREE!

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 Duolingo:  Learn English Free 

Free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and web.

Duolingo is in the top of the list because of their lessons; short and easy to learn. Everyone can learn and understand easily. They start with small lessons and fun to learn. You won't feel bored with this Duolingo language learning app because they teaches by games. This app provides everyday practice tasks so you can track your learning journey. 

With Duoling you can practice Speaking reading, Listening and Writing to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation of the language you are learning. Learn new words daily start with the basic sentences. 

 And It is a free app for everybody. 

Duolingo changes the way of learning new languages around the world. It's free, fun to learn, bite-sized lessons, and you can scale your progress. You can learn any language; English, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Thai, Vietnamese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Indonesian and many more languages for free!

The Wall Street Journal says Duolingo is  "The best free language learning app." 

You will definitely love this app.

install now and learn a new language.


Free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and web.

HelloTalk is in the second of the list, you will not only learn new languages but you can practice with native speakers of other languages; English, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese and many other languages for FREE!.

Practice your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. Hello Talk is the largest learning communicative platform or app for any language. 

You can find native speakers or a partner to practice via text, audio, and video calls for free. Just chat and learn a new language. 

Learn a language with native speakers, you can make conversations on any topic with your partner that can help you to improve speaking, listening, reading and writing. 

HelloTalk has thousand of member in the app and anyone can interact with each other as a partner. 

HelloTalk provides many useful features; HelloLanguage is podcast platform which you can get foreign language teacher's podcast, HelloWords is for improving vocabulary, Eglish Time is for improving reading skill. Live Class is a live session provide by experts.

install now and start learning 

Memrise:  free language app - French, Spanish 

Free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and web.

 Memrise is also one of the best app for learning a new language. With Memrise anyone can learn a new language; Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, French, Thai, Vietnamese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, German, Italian, Turkish, Hindi, Indonesian, Polish, Turkish, Danish or even English. 

45million people are using this app. Memrise is a unique language learning app because they techs you how to learn and how you will learn faster. 

Memrise teaches you through funny videos and playing quiz games. You can also talk with other people or native speakers. Memrise is the best app for visual learner.

Memrise has one unique feature called explore feature. This feature enables you to point your camera at an object and then get a translation of what the object is like:

You can also learn offline without interruption.  Learn daily, use daily go with your own pace. Improve your vocabulary and pronunciation with their simple and funny video clips.

It's FREE! 

Memrise helps you to improve reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. You can practice all these skills with native speakers in Memrise app.

install now and start your journey

uTalk  - Learn Any Language

Free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and web.

uTalk has also best features and explore the learning journey. uTalk has also a huge range of one hundred fifty plus languages and you can learn common set keywords and phrases through games. 

It has levels of learning and when you hit full score in the level one or in the games, you can unlock next levels or extra lessons for free. 

You can also learn from the locals by watching videos and audios so you can listen to their pronunciation clearly. 

And you can also compare your intonation with the native speaker. You can even listen in slower mode if you find difficult to hear.

Learn daily with this app and scale your progress with your scores. uTalk is made perfectly for beginners but anyone can learn with this app even you are an intermediates learner. 

They make this app with a simple interface to use and easy to understand. You can also use this app offline. 

Pronunciation and Vocabulary building is very easy to learn in this app.

uTalk is a user-friendly app, and the content is most useful, but the features are limited.

install now and learn for Free

AnkiApp  Flashcards

Free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and web.

 AnkiApps Flashcards is a free flashcard platform program and one of the best app for language learning.  

Anki also has many Languages: Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew. 

They have a limited range of languages but you can learn through images, video clips, diagrams and audios. 

There are also shared flashcards or content by other users or learner which you can explore the content or you can also create your own flashcards or content and share to the users of AnkiApps. It has also millions of flashcards that you can use for free.

Ankiapp has a lots of flashcard sets, called shared decks. You can customize any flashcard you want in any design and share it on the app. 

Anki's dashboard can help you to track your overall progress. Learn at any time, anywhere as you want. 

Go with your own speed of learning. AnkiApp also has the best feature Night mode that is a plus point. 

There interface is a little bit different so it may take time to understand. but once you know the interface then it is no difficult to use.

Ankiapp Flashcard ranked no.1 Education app in the world-wide because they won the title of the "Best Apps To Learn Foreign Language".

install now and start learning 

These are the top 5 list of language learning apps which anyone can start learning. All three apps are free.

we hope you liked our list of top language learning apps.


Thank you for reading. 

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