Ragada (2010) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download 480p Hdrip

Ragada (2010) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie download 720p Bluray Filmywap

Ragada (2010) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie download 720p Bluray Filmywap

Ragada (transl. Fight) is a 2010 Indian Telugu-language action film directed by Veeru Potla and produced by D. Siva Prasad Reddy. 

It stars Nagarjuna, Anushka Shetty, and Priyamani in lead roles, with the music composed by S. Thaman. 

The film revolves around Satya, a village rowdy who arrives in the city to earn money and willingly participates in a fight between two rivals that brings him to their attention.

Ragada was released theatrically on 24 December 2010. In 2011, it was dubbed into Tamil as Vambu. 

A Hindi dubbed version under the original title was also released the same year by Aditya Music.

Movie Story :

The movie starts with Devudu (Tanikella Bharani) trying to kill an innocent man, who is against Peddanna (Pradeep Rawat). Devudu is killed by Jairam, who is one of Peddanna's followers. 

Peddanna is the biggest goon in all of AP, and he has three major followers who murder people for him. 

These followers are Jairam, Bhagavan (Supreeth), and Nanda (Sushant Singh). The next scene introduces Satya Reddy (Akkineni Nagarjuna), getting off a truck and getting involved in a fight, which is between GK (Dev Gill) and Peddanna. 

Satya helps GK, who makes him his partner. Satya only works for money. GK's love, Sirisha (Anushka Shetty) falls in love with Satya. Satya sees Ashtalakshmi (Priyamani) being chased by rowdies. 

Satya saves her. Ashtalakshmi and her Brahmin family start living with Satya for a few days.

Satya tells a good plan to GK, to fight Peddanna. In one fight, Jairam captures Sirisha, and Satya saves her by killing Jairam. 

Ashtalakshmi also loves Satya. Sirisha meets a tattooed friend in pub which Satya notices. In a restaurant during lunch with Sirisha and Ashtalakshmi, Satya is attacked by Bhagavan's henchmen. 

Satya goes to Bhagavan's house and kills him and his son, which makes Peddanna his enemy.

The movie jumps to Satya's flashback, where they find out that he is an orphan, taken into care by a loving doctor, who is like Mother Teresa. 

The people of this city, Kadapa, worship her like a god. Devendra (Sathya Prakash), a political campaigner and brother of Peddanna, kidnap the doctor's daughter to make sure that she tells everyone to vote for him, to which she does not do. 

Satya enters on cue and beats up Devendra's men. It is later found out that he has to get 72 crores to keep the doctor's hospital running, as Devendra's father had donated the land to the hospital. 

Peddanna kills the doctor by his three goons as Satya has beaten his brother. So, to get the money and to take revenge against the goons who killed the doctor, Satya joins GK.

At this time, Satya is back in his house and is dealing with Ashtalakshmi's parents, who are weeping uncontrollably. 

He finds out that Peddanna's men long ago kidnapped Ashtalakshmi's elder brother. Satya goes to the headquarters where her brother is held and frees him. 

Then, he finds out that Ashtalakshmi is not who she says she is, and actually robbed 180 crores from Peddanna with the help of her brother.

Ashtalakshmi and her brother run away to Bangkok. Satya finds out and takes Sirisha with her to Bangkok. 

It is revealed that Ashtalakshmi does not have money, Sirisha and Ashtalakshmi are friends, and Ashtalakshmi is the same tattooed girl from the pub. 

Satya reveals to them that he knew about their plan from the start and that he has the 180 crores. 

Satya is actually here to kill Nanda as Satya knew that Ashtalakshmi's brother will follow Nanda to get his share of money. 

Satya kills Nanda and returns to India. Peddanna kidnaps Satya's younger sister and tries to kill and bury her. Satya kills Peddhanna, saves the hospital, and gets his revenge.

IMDB Rating:6.1/10
Directed:Veeru Potla
Released Date:24 Dec 2010
Types:Action, Comedy, Drama, Musical
Film Stars:Nagarjuna Akkineni, Anushka Shetty, Priyamani, Pradeep Singh Rawat
Movie Quality:480p HDRip HD.avi
File Size:381.53 MB
Ragada (2010) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download 480p Hdrip

Ragada (2010) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie 480p Hdrip  Filmywap

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Ragada (2010) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Review:

Ragada (2010) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Review:

Nagarjuna looks smashing as ever and he has shouldered the film very well. His looks are outstanding and as usual, he rocks with his screen presence.

Anushka has filled the glamour quotient with her voluptuous appeal and she will be a visual treat to the masses. Performance wise, she did her bit as required.

Priyamani was effective and though she cannot match Anushka in terms of looks or glamour, she made her presence felt in her own way.

Brahmanandam takes off in an interesting manner and gives few laughs. However, his role becomes weak during the second half.

The bunch of villains like Kota, Pradeep Rawath, Dev Gill, Supreeth, Shravan didn’t have much except screaming their lungs out and taking the bashings from the hero. There is no strength in their characterization.

Charmee looks sizzling hot and her moves are sensuous.

Dharmavarapu, Master Bharat were brief and brought few smiles, Sana was standard, Sreelatha was okay, Satya Prakash was standard, the rest did their bit upto the mark.