Money making Online jobs work from home without registration fee

More 11 Ways To Make Money Online jobs work from home without registration fee

As we posted some of the most efficient ideas in our previous part of top 10 more to make money online, So we again brought to you this more ten ways to make money online.

The list mentioned below to make money online are very easy to understand and to actually do you need no skills in some types and in some you need some kills to make money online.

That might be by playing games and from following your passion to making money by just doing what you love or you love to do.

These ten ways will be briefly explained so that you can get an idea or gist about what it is and what is that you are searching for to make your dream job or work.

If you love some of these 10 ways to make money online ways then try to apply it on your life just by doing little by little or research more than what it is?

    Playing Online Rummy

    Everyone loves to play games from action to shooting and from arcade to some money-making games.

    So does playing games really pays, yes it pays some game really pays and playing rummy is one of them?

    You may have heard of this game or have watched or even have played in the past is a card game where you play with other players from all over the world.

    And if you won you get money which can be withdrawn directly to your bank accounts.

    You can also earn by inviting your friends you get points for inviting friends or can also get some coins to play the game.

    Raise Money for Charity

    We believe that this is the most fulfilling job both online and offline to do.

    You know that we here on earth are in debt of something till we dye so we don't have to always get, get and get we also have to give back as well.

    If you want to do something in the life you have then this is the right path for you to do.

    You can do it individually or you can join some NGO'S to do this kind of job or you can also make your own charity.  


    This is the kind of job for those who want to start their own business or want to help other businesses to grow by giving them funding or just by collecting funds from investors or from people.

    You can do this kind of job online as well as offline but the best way is online.

    What you do in this kind of job is you give a place for a startup or businesses that need funds and help them to get findings from people or from investors.

    Ways to earn here is by asking for a certain fee from the businesses or from start-ups or you can also advertise and also you can do is ROI system so that the investor knows what they are getting into and what the will gain from it.

    Software Testing

    There are a lot of companies that pay a huge amount of for the software testing jobs.

    You need some above-average skills to do this kind of jobs and also have knowledge of software with some advance understanding.

    There are lot of companies that will pay you some good amount of money to test their software for problems or for findings bugs and crashes as well.

    You can do this kind job by working independently as a software tester or as well as by joining a company but doing freelancing is the best way to make money in this kind of jobs that we believe.

    Sponsored Tweet

    If you have a huge fan following or followers in your twitter account then this could be a perfect job for you.

    You know every wants to get famous at some point in the life or once in their life that is why they go through a lot to gain their followers in social media accounts.

    And you know that getting followers in twitter account is hard so if you already have a decent amount of followers then this could be the perfect job for you.

    You can offer sponsored tweets for those in needs by charging them with a certain fee or you could join a website that lets you Sponsor tweets for money or pays you when you sponsor their products.

    Forex Trading

    If you are searching online for how to make money online then you have probably seen this Forex trading ads it might in some websites or in youtube it is trending nowadays.

    So what is Forex trading? it is basically like stock trading you have to invest first to get more or to make more money on it.

    What you do here is you invest your money let say 10$ in the current market of your choice suppose you chose oil and then you predict that the price will increase in later minute and if that gets true you get a good amount of profit.

    You can also earn by referring your friends to the Forex trading platform.

    Remember you are a long term investor then this is not the place for you as it mostly depends on luck and advance observation.

    CPA marketing

    We believe that CPA or cost per action marketing is one of the most profitable business out there till date look google CPA or others as well.

    So what is CPA marketing? CPA marketing is where you get paid when some clicks and do some processes before leaving.

    You can earn from this by being CPA marketeer or by being a CPA publisher or also a CPA advertiser as well.

    Joining CPA networks is not quite easy it takes time, effort and some skills but if you get in then your really can make huge money from it as well. 

    Giving Space to Publishing On Your Website

    If you are a blogger, content creator or webmaster then this is also one of the best methods to make money online.

    If you have a decent amount of visitors or traffic to your site then you could do this by placing spaces for those you want to advertise in your network or in your website,

    If you already have ads in your website then its perfect this method will make you make more money from your website as well.

    Fix a certain amount of fee for a certain amount of time like days, weeks or months that charge them accordingly to advertise their products onto your site.

    Visual Arts and Designing Jobs

    This is also a great idea to make money online using your skills, so what are or how can you make money from this kind of jobs.

    Firstly remember that visual arts and designing jobs are two different jobs so you need two different skills to do his kind of jobs.

    IN visual arts you make arts or some illustrative arts to provide to it to your customers as per your client's order or you can also sell them with a good amount of money.

    In designing jobs you design stuffs from objects to some more advance level things like web designing you can directly sell them or you can do it on order from clients.

    You can do this kind of jobs online as well as offline but in online you can reach more people, Or you can sign up for freelancer or fiver and start from there.     

    short link sites

    I think this is one of the easiest ways to make money online if you know how to share things properly or if you have a decent of followers in your social media accounts or you can also do it from your websites.

    What are short link sites and how do you earn from it? it is a site where you shorten your links like you love a youtube video and you want to share it now what you do is you shorten your link in this websites and share it to your friends.

    Now if that link is opened by your friends or anyone that you share you get money from it. If you have lots of friends and followers then you can make huge money from it.

    Remember that in this kind of earning type you need followers or if you have a website you need traffic to make money from it.

    This is a bonus earning way to make money online 

    Earn from Cashback sites

    There are plenty of websites or your favourite online shopping sites like Amazon and other stuffs that you can get cashback from them.

    When you buy products or stuff from this site they give you a coupon or codes where you can get cashback's that will save you money and you earn money.

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