Maari 2 full movie in hindi dubbed download 480p HD

Maari 2 full movie in hindi dubbed download 480p HD

Maari 2 full movie in hindi dubbed download 480p HDRip HD.avi Filmywap

Maari 2 is a 2018 Indian Tamil-language action comedy film directed by Balaji Mohan. It is a sequel to his 2015 film Maari. Dhanush, besides producing the film under his company Wunderbar Films, also stars as the title character, reprising his role from the first film. 

Krishna, Tovino Thomas, Sai Pallavi, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, and Vidya Pradeep play other important roles, among others. 

The music was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja with cinematography by Om Prakash and editing by Prasanna GK. 

The film released on 21 December 2018 to mixed reviews from critics.

Movie Story :

Picking up from the prequel, the film starts off with Maariyappan aka Maari (Dhanush) as the fun-loving gangster with his sidekicks Sanikkizhamai aka Sani (Robo Shankar) and Robert aka Adithangi (lit. punching bag) (Kalloori Vinoth). 

Maari is chased around by Araathu Aanandi (Sai Pallavi), a "loosu ponnu" (lit. crazy girl) auto driver who is head over heels in love with him. 

However, try as she might, Maari does not give her a second glance and constantly shows his annoyance to her.

In a parallel storyline, Gangadhar Beeja (Tovino Thomas) is shown to have escaped from jail with the cell walls scrawled with the words "Kill Maari". 

He is out for revenge, as his brother (Vincent Asokan), who was a lawyer, promised to get Beeja released from jail. 

Unfortunately, his brother is killed at the hands of Maari as the former tried to molest Aanandi's elder sister. This is also the reason why Aanandi loves Maari.

Maari gets his 100th murder attempt on his life by his rival Singayya, and to celebrate, Kalai (Krishna), Sani, and Adithangi throw Maari a party. 

While coming back, Maari gets attacked, and Aanandi takes him to the hospital and takes care of him.

Kalai's brother Vallavan is shown to be a hand-in-glove with Singayya, who has formed an alliance with Beeja to overthrow Maari. 

As per Beeja's plan, Vallavan asks Sani to send Aanandi for a job, which turns out to be drug smuggling, a job which Maari hates. 

Aanandi goes to do the job and gets caught by Kalai. On confronting Aanandi, she tells him that Maari asked her to do it. 

This sparks a doubt in Kalai's mind. Vallavan is caught by Maari carrying the drugs, and when Maari confronts Kalai, a fight erupts. Maari and his sidekicks set fire to all the drugs, and Beeja kills Vallavan to make it look as if Maari killed him. Kalai gets enraged and orders his men to kill Maari. 

Maari is injured in the battle, and Beeja reveals himself as the perpetrator. Beeja then shoots Maari, but Maari is saved by Aanandi, who took the bullet for him, which ended up in her lower spinal cord, paralysing her legs for life.

The new collector, Vijaya Chamundeshwari IAS (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar), comes out to restore order and stop all gang violence. 

Maari goes into hiding with Aanandi, whose legs are paralysed. Eight years pass, and Beeja and Kalai have grown to become rich dons, but when Kalai has clear chance to become the MLA candidate of the ruling party, Beeja usurps that chance by threatening Kalai and his family. 

Vijaya, now the Deputy-Home secretary, in an effort to find Maari, posts his picture along with Aanandi's on newspapers. 

Maari sees this and meets Vijaya, requesting her to remove the photos. Maari then reveals that he was living in Tenkasi with an elderly couple. 

Aanandi got pregnant, and a healthy baby boy was born. However, due to complications by the paralysis, Aanandi dies minutes after childbirth. 

Maari then raises the boy, called Kaali (Master Raghavan) with help from the old couple and Sani. Kaali is shown to have inherited his father's behaviour and keeps picking fights in school. 

Maari then requests Vijaya to stop coming after him (as a request) and says that he changed his ways. When Kaali sees some students in the older grade teasing a teacher, he complains to the principal. 

In retribution, the boys chase him and try to teach him a lesson, only to get beaten black and blue by Kaali. 

The area member of council (Stalin), one of the boys' father, calls Kaali to hit him, but Maari goes and begs for forgiveness.

Meanwhile, the city police commissioner (Aadukalam Naren) mentions to the media that there is an informer within Beeja's gang. 

Using his moles in the police department, Beeja tries to figure out who the mole is but fails. It is then revealed that there was not any mole and that the whole story was fabricated to identify the corrupt policemen in the department, including the commissioner. 

Also, Beeja has been in ties with the commissioner and was the mole himself. He had been leaking info about his men so that he may come out clear to become an MLA candidate. 

It is also revealed that despite begging for forgiveness, the counsellor insisted on his son beating up Kaali, and so, Maari beats up the counsellor and his henchmen. 

In a final encounter, the police turns against Beeja. Maari fights Beeja and paralyses his legs for revenge for Aanandi and reveals to him that Maari killed his brother because Beeja could be killed by his own brother for property. 

Soon Beeja gets sentenced for life term prison. Maari is then shown with his sidekicks continuing his old life.

IMDB Rating:5.6/10
Directed:Balaji Mohan
Released Date:20 Dec 2018
Types:Action, Comedy
Film Stars:Dhanush, Kreshna, Sai Pallavi, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
Movie Quality:480p HDRip HD.avi
File Size:477.1 MB
Maari 2 full movie in hindi dubbed download 480p HD

Maari 2 full movie in hindi dubbed download 480p HD Filmywap

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Maari 2 full movie in hindi dubbed download 480p HD

Maari 2 full movie Review:

Looking back at Maari – first part, let's ponder what was good about it. Well, the movie lacked the punch and x factor; although individually aspects worked. 

Anirudh’s Rockstar music, Dhanush’s style, Kajal’s bubbliness and most importantly the comedy. 

Now yet again, director Balaji Mohan somehow musters up the courage to pen a sequel for a movie that just performed averagely, it requires gut and strong content to muster up something like this. 

Maari2 works for being respectful to little sentiments, it has that “Kallukul eeram” proverb – Maari character is exactly that.

The film starts off with an altogether familiar notion what the first part did; a naughty don, a girl who has fallen heads over heel for this gangster and all that. 

Krishna is shown as Maari’s close friend, his character is easily the most predictable aspect as soon as they show him as a drug addict. 

Robo Shankar’s one liners formed base for Maari, however its quite limited here paving way for the adorable Sai Pallavi. 

She steals the performance in every aspect; body language, local slang and especially when she troubles Dhanush with her cupid love. 

It's time Tamil cinema directors lose their focus on north Indian actresses who hardly can utter a line in Tamil and look for heroines like Sai Pallavi who can take the character altogether on a different level. 

So, with friendship and betrayal as the theme, it requires a sinister villain who plots the entire scheme from behind – enter Tovino Thomas. 

The Mollywood actor looks like a hippie, Balaji has put his hands out to show him too evil, but the actor is too handsome and charming to hate him, after a point you start admiring his sleek looks.

By the time interval block hits, you, it almost looks like the climax setup and you are kept wondering “well, what else do we have”. 

But its post interval that really makes up for the first half’s predictable nature. The other side of Maari is Dhanush’s strength; nobody underplays a character like Dhanush, he simply adorable in that “nalla payan” role. 

Balaji overflows the screenplay with sentiment, its almost like seeing a different movie altogether. 

Dhanush and Sai Pallavi’s pair will surely be the talk of the town; its been a long time since a pair like this clicked and made you want to see more of it. 

After the sentiments are established, Balaji springs in few twists and turns to save the screenplay from being a usual revenge drama. 

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar’s role is more of an extended cameo as an honest government officer, apt and solid in her role.

Maari 2 has a predictable screenplay, a don who is betrayed and goes rogue after his friend turns into his foe. 

This could have been yet another boring gangster flick void of entertainment or action, but Balaji saves it from carrying its first part’s legacy by tossing in cute sentiments and some twists to spice it up. 

Dhanush’s acting in the second half deserves a round of applause, its best not to reveal any spoilers. 

The chemistry of Dhanush-Sai Pallavi largely works because of the actress’s attitude to her role of Anandi. Robo Shankar-Vinoth although appear throughout the film have little comical scope, probably too much was expected. 

Tovino is brilliant, maybe its hard to look him as a handsome villain. Krishna’s character is too predictable.

Another strength in Maari is Yuvan’s music, Rowdy Baby and Anandhi is choreographed both – visually and music wise brilliantly. 

Maari2 has all the ingredients of a good film, still yet again lacks the X-factor to perform higher because of its predictable first half. 

Still, it’s a lot better than the first part which had little to offer.