Best Low risk investment for high return for Low Risk Takers

10 More Ways best low-risk investments for high returns For Low-Risk Takers

We all know that if we want to make our dreams and goals true then we have to make huge money or have courage and determination to follow our dream so that we can become financially independent. Advance business 10 Ways ideas best low risk investments for high return For Low Risk Takers, you should work in 2020.

As we mentioned some of the best ideas on investment on our previous investment part and we now also have come up with this 10 new ways of investment or investment planning options for you to make your dream come true or to be financially independent.

Some of the ideas or methods mentioned in this part will be new and briefly explained and some of the ideas you may have already tried it or have plans to do it in the future.

We hope that with this more ideas on investment will help you or give you some ideas on how to invest and be financially rich or make your dream come true. 

    Equity Linked Savings Scheme ELSS

    As the name equity consist it clearly means investing in more that average amounts and in equity linked saving scheme has lot in period or takes time to get mature before getting profits from it.

    this type of saving investment will save your money by deducting  over  your taxes in the dedicated minimum 3 year time interval. It basically means it can offer tax benefits.

    Having low risks or to zero risk policies it one of the best investments for people who are less risk takers and the liquidity is also better in this kind of investment.

    Unit Linked Insurance Plans ULIPs

    this type of investments consist of annual or monthly investment where you invest in life insurance plans to provide capital creation with life cover.

    In this kind of investment the amount of your investment fund will be divided and a portion of your fund will transferred to you life insurance plan and the remaining will be transferred to equity or debt investments that you have chosen.

    The benefits of this kind of investments are that they gives your life coverage, income tax benefits when on return on investments and can help you to finance long term goals by the returns and also the flexibility of switching your investment plans from equity to debt investment. 

    Initial Public Offer IPO

    this is a type of investment where a company offers share from their company and sold them to public or individual investors and are listed in more than one stock exchanges.

    It offers public investors to participate in the offering of stocks from the companies where the put their list of shares in exchanges to initial public.

    Fixed Deposit

    Some of you may have already known about this kind of investment as it is the basics of invest and those who do know it is an type of investment where you invest your funds for a certain period of time for the investment to get fully mature so that you can get higher returns on your investments later on.

    This is a very suitable investment plan for those who are less risk takers, The return of investment in this kind of investments are not that good but with no risk at all it is a very good way to invest your funds when you are unsure about your investments.

    The ROI rate may be different from on banks to the other as it mainly gives your around  5 to 7 percentage of interest rates, liquidity is medium you can withdraw it anytime but recommended to do when fully mature or else you have to pay the fee and best part is no risk at all.

    Recurring Deposit

    This is also the same kind of investment as fixed deposit investments but this is for those who wants to add more to their investment.

    Like in fixed deposits you invest a certain amount of fund for certain amount of time but in recurring deposit invest you put you invested funds in monthly or in quarterly basis according to your investment plan.

    Ultra Short Term Debt MF Plans

    This type of investment are mainly consist of debt investment plan for shorter period of time from 3 to 6 months, this kind of investments are very low risk due to their low time potential. 

    They are little more risky than the liquid mutual funds but this kind of investments are the lowest on the risk investments plans.

    This kind of investments are very good for shirt term investors for its very high liquidity and also gives more return on investments than the regular liquid mutual funds.

    Short Term Debt MF

    This is a type of investments where you invest you funds in mutual funds for one to three time period for the stability of the returns of your funds with little risk to take.

    This are very good investments for low risk takers and also want higher or stable returns on their investments and also they are tax efficient.

    This is also an mutual fund investment so there will be some risk they offers usually fixed rates on returns and the most important part is that they are not effected by capital market.

    Health Care Investments

    This is a very different kind of investment where you do not make money or any kind of returns but what it will do is it will make your life more risk free and stress free.

    What if you make huge money and then get sick with a disease  that will take all your money in health care doesn't it sounds awful.

    That is why investing on healthcare is very important in life, invest in health or medical or in life insurance is very important yes it cannot give you highest returns but it can save your life.

    Remember to make a separate investment fund for you and your family health care so that you do not have to suffer in near future as you may have known that life is unpredictable. 


    As you all may know what gold is and investing in golds or in any kind of valuable stone is a great way to invest your money as it got high returns and no risk at all.

    Investing in golds is very good option as it got very high liquidity and when investing on better golds like premium golds it can get you a higher rate of interest on returns and more on investing on valuable stones  as time passes their pries will only increase in time.

    With no risk and high liquidity and also with medium to high returns this is one of the best investment plan that exist till up to very moment.

    Real Estate – Residential

    As we mentioned in our previous part of investment plan on investing on real estate on commercial plans no we are going to let you know about investing in real estate on residential plans.

    Investing in real state property can be very profitable as well as very unprofitable at the same moment by so many factors so before your invest on real estate research or learn from others.

    Real state investment on residential s is also like commercial investment with different capabilities of make money on it. 

    Residential real state are basically for public  residencies where the pay you for the space give by you to live on. though it comes with low liquidity and unpredictable risk flow but the profits from this will be highly great.

    So, we hope you do have liked this post on investment which are mainly for low risk takers. 

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