10 ways to Earn money online without paying anything at home

10 More Legit Ways To Earn Money Online without paying or investment anything at home 

We all get some free time in a day or we get weekends so why not use it for good, there are so many ways that you can even think of to make money online just working few hours a day from the comfort of your home.

Today in this part we are going to show you or let you know about some of the other ways or methods that you can make money from it.

You may say that money does not buy you happiness but money can buy you your needs to survive, you must work hard to make money so that you can live your life very well.

We are going to show you 10 more money-making ways that can be very helpful to increase your income and help you in your needs.

    Social Media Marketing.

    You know there are more than a billion people online on a daily basis over the social media, Don;t you see any opportunity on it.

    Social media marketing is a kind of marketing where you use social media as a tool to promote your content, product or a service.

    With a huge audience reach you can make huge upon huge money from it if you can use it well.

    Or if you are good it then work for others for more money. Some of the famous social media sites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc
    you can use them to grow your business or to promote your things directly.

    Software or Web Solution

    Not everyone is an IT expert and not everyone is good at technical stuffs, So why not help them to make money online.

    Dealing with software or web problems are hard or confusing to those who do not have knowledge but if you try to help them charging them a considerable fee then it's a win-win situation.

    Create an online software or web solution website and promote it the more you promote the more people will come to your site to get solutions and will pay for that.

    Network Blogging

    Let say you have a channel or website of gaming and you want to grow your business now what you do is create other channels or websites with other names but the standing name or your brand name will be at the front.

    Let say you use max as your brand and your current channel or website name is max gaming, com then the other website or channel will be maxactiongames.com or something like that but your are presenting your brand first.

    Now you use all of your site promoting one another that way you get organic traffic as well as more audience.

    Multi-level marketing

    This is the oldest means of money-making idea that still exists and also one of the most scammed idea as well.

    So, what do you do in multi-level marketing, multi-level marketing is mostly based on referral system like if join a multilevel marking at a price of 100$ not to get that 100$ back and to also make a profit you now have to create referrals where you get 60 to 80% of commission on every referral you make and you also make money when your referral makes a money making it a multi-level.

    Answering Questions 

    No one is good at everything, we can be good at some things but not at all so this kind of jobs plays an important role in this type of earning system.

    If you are good at something then you can help others to solve their problems you can ask for a little fee or a membership in your website or just with and simple sign-ups.

    Remember if you have a huge audience then only collecting emails will be profitable if you have less audience the ask them for membership for future purposes or solve their problem in a little or moderate fee.

    You can do this by creating you own website or you can create a youtube where you solve others problem in a membership plan, or just by doing some social visits.

    installing Apps

    Did you know that you can also make some money just by installing apps, Yes there are so many apps out there in the google play store that lets you make money online just by installing or by doing simple tasks.

    There are so many websites that will pay you for installing apps from their sites by doing a simple task to rating an app to play store or you get paid through mobile vouchers to gift cards.

    Just remember you will not get paid if you install
     it from play store you need to join some rewarding sites or apps as well to get rewarded.

    There are so many apps and websites out there that let you make from this kind of actions some of my favourites are swag bucks and sense.

    You can follow the instructions on the website on which you are working on to do things perfectly to get paid or to get rewarded.

    Rewarding Sites Listening Music

    This is also like the installing app and make money options but this has a different and fun way to make money online ways.

    We all love to listen to songs in our daily lives, even we all listen to music on a daily basis some of you may be listening right now.

    Yup, you can also make easy money just by listening to some of the songs or some of your favourite songs, there are so many websites out there that let you make money just by listening to their songs list.

    This sites mostly pay for playlist listening, rating a song in other sites or just by listening or watching music videos they pay you by some gift cards or by coupons.

    Email marketing

    This is a very effective way of making money online doing email marketing, so what is this email marketing.

    this type of marketing occurs when you do marketing or sell you product or services from your email list.

    If you have a website of any topic then this kind of marketing is very best for you, try to collect email or create an email list by asking your audience or by giving them free ebooks or free small courses.

    Then look for what your audience is giving you their email for like if they are giving you their email for some free how to stay fit eBooks then what you have now is a targeted audience of how to stay fit and sell them how to stay fit books, products or any kind of services.

    Script blogging or event blogging

    This kind of jobs or money-making way best works for those who have a certain amount of fan followings, friend circle or who knows how to get people.

    So, what is script blogging or event blogging. It is when you choose a certain event, for example, Christmas and you create a script or one-page website with certain functions like for example,

    If you are doing event blogging on Christmas and you have a website that congratulates others by saying merry Christmas by putting their name.

    You can make money by putting some affiliates of Christmas gifts or ads like google or third parties and when someone buys or sees your ads then you get a commission from it.

    It best works on sharing platform like WhatsApp, telegram or in social media platforms.

    Selling Insurance Online

    Did you that selling insurance is one of the most profitable businesses out there in the market in our today's world.

    Even the ads companies like google and other affiliates companies give you a huge percentage when selling insurance.

    Getting into this kind of businesses is hard but if you have or want to do it then this is a very great opportunity for you.

    You can join some of the most profitable companies as agents or as affiliates to do this kind of work or just sign up for google ad sense which gives you very high click-through rates.

    Remember you need skills for this or you can affiliate your affiliated product in other websites giving them half of your omission for selling them, this way you make money just by doing nothing at all


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