Yajamana hindi dubbed movie download 480p HD Filmywap

Yajamana hindi dubbed movie download 480p HD Filmywap

Yajamana full movie in hindi download 480p HDRip HD.avi Filmywap

Yajamana is a 2019 Indian Kannada language action film written and directed by V. Harikrishna and Pon Kumaran and produced by Shylaja Nag and B Suresha. 

It stars Darshan, Rashmika Mandanna and Tanya Hope in lead roles. It also features an ensemble cast of Thakur Anoop Singh, Devaraj, P. Ravi Shankar, Dhananjay in key supporting roles. 

The film's background score and soundtrack is also composed by V. Harikrishna.

Movie Story :
This story is about how a village which uses traditional oil overcomes a big mafia scam.

An oil mafia don named Devishetty controlling oil market by his oil mafia. He asks for coordinates about a village has not entailed in the oil market. 

The village's chieftain Hulikar Nayaka's son-in-law Krishna (Darshan) is a protector of the village and its oil mill. One day Devishetty comes to the village and to convince the village of entitling its co-operation in his oil marketing. 

A Journalist Ganga (Tanya Hope), meanwhile learns and covers the news, broadcasting the same. Krishna opposes this and warns the people of Devishetty's sly plan to infiltrate and plunder all the oil resources of the village and that they were bound to lose all, if they were to pledge co-operation. 

Krishna also intimidates and warns the villain not to take anything from Hulidurga, thereby insulting Devi Shetty (Thakur Anoop Singh). 

The news gets telecast all throughout. Devi Shetty plans to avenge the insults from Krishna by the aid of Mittai Suri (Dhananjay) against an otherwise lone-ranger Krishna. 

He decides to save the village and its people from him. Devi Shetty's men capture Krishna and in vain try to kill him but Krishna fights them off. 

He warns Devi Shetty he will come to Mumbai and catch if he dares.

Krishna goes to Mumbai and with the help of Ganga, stays in a owner's house. Krishna with the help of oil owners, starts to sell oil. 

In the start, he does face obstacles where he must even fend off a few men in the market. But eventually consumers start buying his oil brand, acknowledging his oil to be the best. 

Krishna succeeds in the oil market. Meanwhile, in the village all people lose the market price for their products and begin to wander.

Kaveri (Rashmika Mandanna) comes to meet Krishna in Mumbai and tells him about all the incidents. Kaveri plans to approach to Devi Shetty asking help for the sake of the village. 

Krishna as well joins her and goes to Devi Shetty and pretends to apologise on behalf of his people. Devi Shetty shows people on video conference to him. 

Krishna saying people stopped oil mill, once again people starts oil mill they will get back their losing. 

All people recall their oil mill by his words and shows sandals at him and insults him. Krishna later apologizes to people.

Krishna excels in the oil market and later goes to the village to get the marketing rights from the chief and starts selling oil in the market. He names his brand Nandhi Oil Brand.

Devi Shetty befalls a loss in the market. Pulla Reddy (Ravi Shankar), his supporter, comes to Krishna in the name of an ally, to put an end to Devi Shetty. 

Devi Shetty hatches a vice plan and Krishna gets arrested by police on the grounds of stocking illegal oil. In the court, Krishna proves his innocence saying all of them are owned by Devi Shetty. 

Krishna takes some brands unknowingly from Pulla Reddy and draws his brand's name stamp on those. Krishna asks the judge to scratch with coin which reveals them to be those of Devi Shetty's. 

He also learns, to his happiness, Nandhi Brand of oil is used at the judge's home, too. Judge sends Devi Shetty's brand for testing at the lab only to find it chemically hazardous. 

The case against Devi Shetty and the Court orders to seize his brand and company. This results in Devi Shetty losing a place, in its entirety, at the market.

Pulla Reddy asks him how that was possible to which Krishna replies about his game of wit at Thammudu, to outsmart Devi Shetty. 

Devi Shetty plans to kill Krishna and sends Pulla Reddy to take documents from him. Krishna sends his family somewhere else to hide. 

Unfortunately Huliyappa gets caught by Devi Shetty and he was given poison. After few minutes he is dead and Krishna beats him up. Later he will burn him alive.

IMDB Rating:7.0/10
Directed:V. Harikrishna, Pon Kumaran
Released Date:1 March 2019
Film Stars:Darshan Thoogudeep, Rashmika Mandanna, Dhananjay
Movie Quality:480p HDRip.avi
File Size:417.61 MB
Yajamana hindi dubbed movie download 480p HD Filmywap

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Yajamana hindi dubbed movie download 480p HD Filmywap

Yajamana full movie Review:

Krishna is the dutiful son of Hulidurga, a town in Karnataka where there is no penetration of corporate bodies. 

When an oil magnate eyes the town to ensure his brand has supremacy across every region, Krishna stands up for his ideals. Will he be able to restore normalcy back in Hulidurga?

Darshan is back after a hiatus of over a year and the expectations are quite high from his fans. 

This film promised a package filled with a big cast and lots of action and emotions in its trailer. 

Does it keep up the promise? It does. Yajamana is entertaining and lives up to expectations. The film has Darshan shouldering a script that is cleverly woven together. 

It might seem a song and a couple of scenes too long, but those can be overlooked.
The film begins with the head of the oil conglomerate saying that he will kill anyone who tries to come between him and his business. 

Simultaneously, in Hulidurga, viewers are introduced to Krishna, who is a man of principles and is the backbone of a town where oil mills have managed to keep big corporate entities at bay. 

But Krishna has an uphill task at hand when the oil magnate decides to take down the people.

What is nice about Yajamana is that it manages to ensure that it is a big star vehicle, yet ensures that all ancillary characters are not reduced to mere props. 

The villain is equally powerful and this ensures that there is a good fight in store. Also, the two heroines, despite their limited roles, play their part in steering the course of the narrative. 

The romantic and comedy tracks in the story do not seem force fitted, which has to be lauded.
Darshan has given a performance that gives ample scope for fans to whistle throughout the film. Thakur Anoop Singh as the suave businessman villain is impressive. 

Rashmika Mandanna is cute and her pairing with Darshan works well. Tanya Hope, in her debut performance, shows that she has glamour, along with the promise of being a good performer. 

Devaraj and Dattanna shine as well. The film is technically sound, with good visuals, background score and art direction.

Yajamana is definitely a must-watch for fans of commercial cinema. It has all the necessary masala and also manages to slip in a message towards the end of the film.