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Top 6 easiest ways to earn money online with Zero Investment


Top 6 easiest ways to earn money online with Zero Investment

Do you want to make an easy way to earn money online at home? or want to use your free time to make some money online, Then you are at the right place to be. Here it is top 6 easiest ways to earn money online.

Who doesn't like money and of its easy money then its more fun to earn, making money is very easy and also very hard in online work, there are lot of scams out there that will only make you work and does not pay you even a penny.

But there are also very legit websites that you can work on to make some money by doing simple tasks and work and they will pay you for sure.

So, what are this websites that pays you if you work in there, We are going to teach you that in this today's article.

Remember that the following list are of small websites to make money online and will not make you to quit your job or something else, but it will help you to have some and even more money at the end of the month to add to your balance.

The following list contains some of the best sites which are still working and paying and do not forget that this are not related list it is just in number order. 

    Working On PTC Sites.

    This are the oldest and most trusted as well as most scammed websites where you can make money easily just by working few minutes a day.

    PTC means paid to click and it gives you money when you click on advertisements on their websites.

    There are so many PTC industry online which are very legit and some just make you work and does not pay you afterwards.

    You need to carefully choose on what PTC site you want to work.

    There are lots of way that you can check if they are legit or not, most common is google but we recommend you to use foxyrating or ptcratings.

    They provide details about PTC sites and also checks daily if the website is working well or not and also if they are paying or not.

    You can make easily up to 5$ to 10$ daily just by working an hour or less and working on 8 to 10 legit sites.

    You get you payments by paypal, payeer or skrill and any other online payment processors  and also from digital crypto wallets as well.

    If you want to work on this site that you should read our article on ptc sites for more details-- CLICK HERE

    Doing Survey.

    This is a very easy way to make money online you do not need any kind of knowledge or some advance skills in working in this sites.

    What are survey sites you may ask ? A survey site is a website where you do surveys, small to big surveys on your favorite brands and companies and give your opinions in them.

    They pays you when you complete your survey, they also offers many earning opportunity like doing offers, small task like finding a product or watching a youtube video and also liking someone's post.

    Do not worry most of the survey sites will sure pay and some not but most of the sites does, you can look for their revise before working in this kind of websites.

    We recommend foxy rating or your trusted review website to check for their legitimate of not.

    If you don't know anything about this type of work or don't know how to work then read our article on survey money making formula it will help you and also make you make more money--CLICK HERE

    Doing Small Works.

    If you are too lazy to do any of the works from the above then this is the right option for you.

    There are lots and lots of websites that offers you to make money online just by doing simple tasks and which are very easy to do.

    you can find small job websites all over the web well 60% of are fake but 40 will pay you more.

    Well the things you need to do in this kind of websites are very simple the work may be like this that you have to find amazon products and rate them or write few comments in the or join and website with a given link and get rewarded.

    Actually you can call this website as reward or coupes websites that pays you through coupons and gift cards also money if you want to then.

    There are some website in which you can make up to 2 to 5 $ easily the websites are Swagbucks, upwork and toluna this are the sites we would recommend you .


    This is the best job for you if you want to make more money online or if you love multitasking or even if you have different skills or any talents in any kind of fields.

    The word itself says free you are very free to work ant any time you want.

    Remember you need some skills to make money in this kind of stuffs it like a business where you offer something for your customer for money.

    There are so many places or websites that offers you to sell you work like if you love editing videos you edit videos of someone and they will pay you for that.

    You can get paid hourly or you can also fix your own rates but remember try to make a rate where everyone gets satisfied or no one will come to buy you stuffs.

    Some of the best site that we recommend are Fiver.com and Freelancing.com this two are on the top of the market.

    They all pays trough paypal only or can do bank wore as well.

    Data Entry.

    If you some skills or have learned some data entry work then this is the perfect job for you to make some good money online.

    Data Entry websites pays well to its works you can get paid hourly or can also get a fixed rate given by you complete work.

    In data entry you work for data entry sites or you can do freelancing in fiver both to make money online.

    But remember you must to have a data entry skill not like pro but good the more fast you do the more money you can make.

    We have seen people making 50$ to 100$ a day just by working in data sites online, If you are not sure about your skills then first try on fiver with less money.

    But we do recommend you to work on fiver or freelancing site due to they are super legit and also you can make rates according to your service that you provide.

    Virtual Assistance.

    This job may sounds crazy but this is true business are literally hiring virtual assistance now a days.

    Not every company or business can afford high salaried assistance or some great artificial intelligence AI in their business or work.

    So they hire virtual assistants to work form them in their companies or businesses.

    You need to have some great skills on speaking well or have to have a pretty voice to be a virtual assistant.

    Or you need to know some different foreign languages and in our opinion having skills on language will surely get this job for you.

    Yes, you can do this work online you do not have to go to the office.

    You can do this by your mobile phone from the comfort of your home or on the go as well, it pays well.

    It also can pay you hourly or can be a fixed rate and can be withdrawn through PayPal or checks or even bank wore.

    This is it for this article we hope that you have loved and been loving our articles on how to make money online stuffs and if you like it then feel very comfy to subscribe us to get notified and please do comment you all love to hear from you all.