Top 10 Google Apps for Android and iOS Usefull in daily life

The Top 10 Useful Google Apps For Android and iSO | You Need To Install Now:

Looking For The Top 10 Useful Google Apps For Android and iSO in daily life ? You have to come to the right place.

Google has offered us some of the most best and useful application for android and iSO Mobile App through time, has has been increasing its quality more and more and somehow we have made some bond wit it.

Due to its free and very easy to use applications most of us prefer google apps to use more than any other applications, like the you tube. 

Every day and every minute there is some who is using google applications or tools to make life easy most of the famous is google search itself and YouTube comes second when we think about google provided app.

We all love free stuffs and more if its very useful or worth trying and google apps included are one of them.

So in this part we are here with this top 10 useful google apps you need to install in you android phone now.

    Google Chrome - Google Apps

    Over more that five billion installs and over 20 million user rating, chrome is one of the most rated and installed mobile application in the google play store. 

    Its fast and very easy to use feature has made it install more and more people are installing it daily.

    Why this application is great because this app is offered by google and very easy to and and its very fast and secure as well, Due to its ads blocking feature updated daily using it is more fun and with less is is more to serf internet.

    With fast downloads and online video watching support we all love chrome, yes nothing is perfect in this world it has some bug but due to constant updates and more its really a great deal to use this application.

    YouTube - Google Apps

    Its one of my favorite and may be yours too, we all love you tube very much due to is very vast video content well all have anything to watch in any point of time, and its free as well.

    Supporting both on Android device and tablets it has gained over 5 billion installs and over 70 million ratings it one of the the most rated and loved application all over the world.

    Want to learn something or want to learn how to cook no problem you tube got it all from all sorts of videos to watch and over 500 hours of video uploaded every minute there is enough content for each and every one of us.

    Google Map - Google Apps 

    Need to go somewhere and do not know the way, Google maps got it all. In this time of information age there is no one in this world that could get lost here with over 5 billion installs and over 11 million ratings its is one of the most downloaded tool of navigation out there.

    Over 200 countries listed with real time mapping or navigation from businesses to bus stands google map got it all. 

    Discover new place and explore locals by yourself. Your next trip or vacation guide may google maps.

    Google Pay - Google Apps

    Now that people from around world are now getting cashless due to mobile wallets and which are more secure and hassle free.

    Google also offers us with Google pay wallet with 100 million plus users already using it and over 4 million and over rating its one of the most used mobile wallets.

    Its very fast and very secure, You can do lots of stuffs with it from paying your mobile bills to your car installments google pay has got it all, Transfer you money to your friends and families in just some clicks paying online.

    Google pay also reward us with discounts on some the recharges
    and it will be transfers to your bank instantly.

    Google News

    In this age of information you have to be updated daily for whats going on and getting informed daily is hard due to the contents over the internet is huge and over whelming.

    But do not worry google has got it all with its google news app getting informed is just one touch away from us.

    Over 1 billion installs and over 2 million ratings it is also one of the fastest growing apps, People from all around the world is installing this to get informed daily.

    Get up to date on what's going on from your comfort of your home screen and read news with just some clicks. 

    Get access to some of your favorite news and magazines. This files app is built for every one for all over the world.

    Earth Timelapse - Google Apps

    Earth Timelapse is one of its due its its unique feature, Getting new in the market and growing rapidly this app has loved by its users now getting over 10k installs and with 4 plus ratings this app is getting bigger by the day.

    This app has some unique feature like time reversing you can see what was earth like before 100 years ago with some unique pictures and well as 15 million satellite images from over past three decades.

    With is world chat feature you can connect with some one unknown from all over the world and have some fun with it as well with beautiful places fro all over the world to see.

    Google Translate - Google Apps

    You cannot know the language from all over the world you may know some but knowing all is impossible that is why google has offered us with this amazing app known as google translate. 

    With over 500 million installs people from all over the world are using it now a days and rated over 7 million its a very popular application to use.

    It can translate over 103 languages from all over the world its very easy and fast to use, this app can also translate over 59 languages offline its a very useful tool to get by day to day life when you do not know the language of other countries.

    It is very useful when travelling or asking direction when you do not know the place and language just use its text to speech feature.

    Google Earth - Google Apps

    I have been using this for a long time its very fun and when get bored you can explore with its satellite live feeds. over 100 million installs and over 2 plus million ratings its is a very useful application and people from all over the world is using it.

    Explore the world from your comfort of your sofa with its very detailed and live 3d satellite feed its more fun that actually travelling.

    Use it when you get bored visit some very interesting places and screen shot some of the most favorite places , Exploring is very easy with this app and its very fun as well as when you have lot of time to waste.

    Google Drive - Google Apps

    Cloud storage or cloud computing are getting more frequent and more fast these days, getting an memory card that costs are getting boring you with google offering over 15 gigs of free cloud storage per user.

    Do not have enough storage in you mobile device or mobile phone then download this app, over 5 billion plus installs and over 5 million ratings its a very popular application.

    Very easy to use you just need to sing up with your google account its fast and very secure and do not have to worry about getting you files corrupted or anything like that.

    You can add all you file types or file manager to google drive as long as you get internet. 

    G-mail - Google Apps 

    I don't think there is any one who does not know about gmail or google mail, we use it like every day for some business or for some personal uses. Over 5 billion users and rated over 7 million times it is one of the most uses mail services in the world.

    And its very easy to create on as well , very easy to use and safer than most of the out there in the market. 

    Features included like spam protection and multi account support and giving us 15 gb's of storage it is one of the very most useful tool and you need it as well its like a must these day to have a mailing address.

    These are the top 10 useful google apps you need to install in you Andriod phone or iPhone right now lists, We hope that you have liked our list and feel free to use any one of it its great and of course its free. 

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