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Love aaj kal 2020 full movie download 480p filmywap

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Love Aaj Kal (transl. Love these days) is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film directed by Imtiaz Ali and starring Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan. 

Principal photography began in the first half of March 2019 and ended in July 2019.It was released in India on Valentine's Day 2020

Movie Story :
Ambitious girl Zoe Chauhan and budding boy Veer Srivastava meet at a bar. They leave together from the bar and decide to spend the night together at Veer's home but Veer stops Zoe from continuing their act. 

He tells her that the time is not right. Zoe leaves, infuriated. Veer keeps following Zoe, who finally confronts him and asks him not to follow her.

There is a flashback scene where Leena and Raghuvendra "Raghu" Singh have the same conversation back in the 1990s in Udaipur.

Back to present day, Veer drops her for an interview at the office of the Mehta Group and they slowly begin their relationship. 

The group's owner, Raj Mehta, also owns the place where Zoe hangs out very often. Raj, who is good friends with Zoe, tells her the story of his childhood sweetheart, Leena, thus implying that he is a grown up Raghu. 

He tells her that he used to behave with Leena just as Veer behaves with Zoe, and recites his own childhood memories with Leena to Zoe and tells her how he asked Leena for a dance together.

In the flashback, it is seen that Raghu and Leena used to meet each other secretly and how Raghu left everything for Leena and moved for her to Delhi, discotinuing his studies to be with Leena. 

Zoe walks in on Raj and his wife, assuming she is Leena, but realizes it's not the case. Raghu reveals that he left Leena. 

Zoe is convinced by her mother that she can't possibly have both her love and career together. 

She goes to meet Veer's parents, but leaves crying. Veer relays to Raj what Zoe did, and Raj, convinced that he influenced Zoe towards behaving this way, responds by getting her the job.

Some days later, Zoe sees Veer with another girl. Heartbroken, she hangs out with multiple people but doesn't happen to like any of them. She goes to a bar with a guy and gets drunk but he refuses to drop her at her home. 

Veer picks her and drops at her house. He tells that he can't enter a relationship of compromises with Zoe and breaks up with her. 

The next day he informs her about a new job in the Himalayas and is leaving for 2 years, explaining that he has as much right to be focused on his career as does she, and bids her goodbye. 

Zoe gets a proposal from the Mehta family to marry Rishabh, but she refuses. When Zoe goes to meet Raj, he tells her that he met Leena one last time, when he realized she was pregnant. He starts crying and Zoe comforts him. 

Raj tells her that she shouldn't make the same mistake he made. Zoe leaves for the Himalayas to reunite with Veer. She sees Veer sleeping outside. She goes and rests atop him. Veer asks whether she will take a leap with him, to which she agrees, and they reunite.

IMDB Rating:5.6/10
Directed:Imtiaz Ali
Released Date:14 February 2020
Film Stars:Kartik Aaryan, Sara Ali Khan, Randeep Hooda, Arushi Sharma
Movie Quality:480p HDRip.avi
File Size:365.94 MB
Love aaj kal 2 full movie download 480p filmywap

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Love aaj kal 2 full movie download 480p filmywap

Love aaj kal 2 full movie Review:


Don't trust the negative reviews this is an beautiful film ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

The movie starts with showing kartik getting scolded by both girls of parallel timeline and looks interesting . Till pre interval everything id going good then after interval little dip in screenplay but we are still connected with the story and the ending was soo lovely like really the silent scene btw kartik n arushi was superb !! Their expression n acting in that scene defined what a great stroyteller is imtiaz ali is!!!
Also after the film is over the song " haa mai galat" was really good like they didn't show any end credits 

Talking about the characters 
1. Kartik aaryan was good . Best performance till now! His 1990 look was very interesting but was unmature. While 2020 kartik was confused clumsy but at end matured enough to understand zoe n comprismisng for her love. 
He can perform complex characters but sometimes he was looking like sonu ki titu wala kartik or pyaar ka punchnama ttype acting like their was nothing new in his acting . 
2. Sara ali Khan she waslooking pretty good in this film 
 Though she was actimg moslty by elevating her head with actors😂😂 nevermind
But she was the main centre character of the film
 To figure out whats going on in her life and how to accept the mistake n fix it!!

3 randeep hooda - this guy was a surprise package in this film.  Though was of very short duration but was the best in this film. From his 1st scene my eyes was not moving... jwus focusing on him.. the charm he had while he was expressing his love story!
And emotional part of  climax  portrayed very beautifully !

Rely he was the best part im the film!

4 arushi sharma the debutant actresses 
 really beautifully played the role . I really liked her character the most in this film. The innocence look she portrayed and unconditional  love she  had for raghu . I mean really she should deserve the best debutant award for this year!! She is very tallented and has a very bright future!
N the last climax silent scene she was the best in it. Simple looks n still was in love with raghu

Overall the songs were all good especially shayad and rahogi tum meri !

This is very unique film by imtiaz ali n beautifully directed by him !

It really got me connected and if comparing both love aaj kal 

Saif 2010 was different n good at that place where if u r chasing ur dreams but u still don't have ur love with u nakes us feel empty from inside !

While this  film tells us about the main difference between  lust and true love !
How impact it has in someone's relationship!

Over all 4.5 stars and i loved imtiaz direction and thanks for showing the end song without end credits ont it!

Everyome can relate some  aspect of film from thier life! 

Definitely lovebirds must watch and those who don't know whether they are in love or in lust!

Spoilers alert

Mostly u may think other review doesn't understand what was going on in the film but see raghu character went into full lust mode with various girls and left leena but after meeting again 4 years he realised that now he is a different man and he doesn't deserve leena the way he is now went away from there without meeting her and made a mistake by jus being a slave of lustfull thoughts! THE director explains what lust n love truely means in a relationship! Ye dooriyan was also there in some scenes which boost the interest of the people with story.


Yes don't trust the bad reviews... The movie is great! Infact it's really good!! 

Especially the old school romance! The entire past sequence will really take you away from all your present problems and you will fall in love with the entire sequence! 

The meetings, the train sequence! The line : " tum jitne khud ke bhi nahi ho utne mere ho raghu " and Randeep Hooda though played a short role has my heart! No one could do his role better than him!! 

Totally in love with Randeep Hooda ❣️Kartik did an amazing job! The movie has a special essence a surreal feeling which people need to spend time and search in the movie! 

If u understand that special feeling of the movie you will definitely love the movie! It's not a normal love story neither does the movie focus on Kartik and Saras chemistry but focuses on the realities of a relationship people face ! 

Fact of life is I don't understand why are people continuesly comparing it with the earlier Love Aaj Kal! I know that it's a similar concept but it's a story on love of today's and 90s. 

For eg : A teenager will not understand the earlier Love Aaj kal but will probably more relate to this one. Thus I feel it should be seen as an individual film! Apart from that Imtiaz Ali films always have great music andShayad has my heart, the songs are definitely amazing!! 

Also debutant Arushi Sharma did a superb job!! She is amazing at her work and too pretty! She does everything very effortlessly I mean please tell me which modern day actress would slay in a plait and still look pretty enough to fall in love with!! 

Love Aaj Kal is really nice , please watch it do not get confused by the bad reviews!