List of Most Famous android apps that you must know in 2020

Most Famous android apps that you must know in 2020 | Must have android apps 2020

This part of the article is a little different and some of you may have known it already but again we are going to write about it anyways. 

We all know what an application or app is and how to use them, nowadays they don't know to know to create a bank account but they how to make a Facebook account for sure.

These application that we are providing here are already very famous and everyone in the world is using it one way or other they all are using it even of the app that we are going to mention below. 

This app is very popular amongst all age and gender from all over the world. 

The list contains one of the most popular and most famous applications from all over the world and fro all age group and gender and remember the following list does not contain rating it is only listed in a number format.

    Facebook App 

    Everyone in this world has heard about it and most of the people are already using it, it is very famous social media that we all love and care. 

    I don't think there is anyone who does not know about Facebook.

    With its very popular site, it has its app as well over 5 billion users and over 100 rating it one of the most popular and most-used apps.

    It's an app where you keep up with your friends, families and other things in a very faster way and also shares updates and photos.

    It also helps you to keep up with the latest news and updates.


    One of the best social media site for sharing photos and videos that is overly populated by its fans and has a huge impact over its millions and millions of users, getting into Instagram is very easy and you get very addictive in now time by its easy to use interface.

    Instagram has got his own app as well as getting over 1 billion-plus users and over 90 million ratings is also one of the best social media application in any apps store.

    It offers us to connect with our friends and families from all over the in some just few clicks it has over million of communities and great leaders and influences to follow on. 

    You can add photos and videos with its free creative tools.

    You can find this app in any apps store for free.


    This popular and in the market from very old time social media website is very famous for its unique features and has millions of fan and brands actively using it daily.

    Twitter has also got his own app with over 1 billion installed already and over 100 million ratings this is a very popular application.

    It also lets you to connect with your friends, families and brands as well as celebrities where you can be yourself and share your day to day life in here.


    Pinterest is different from many of the social media out there it is also very famous for its own unique idea of interaction with the audience and also for its unique photo sharing options.

    With its app already installed over 100 million times and over 6 million ratings, it is a very useful tool mainly for business or for private uses as well.

    It allows its users to search for images in a very creative way making everyday life easy, You can get all kind of images in here from beautiful places to exotic pets.

    If you are a very creative person then this is a platform for you to show your talent or skill on it share your creativity to all over the world with this free and very easy to use application.

    Tik Tok

    This new application in the market but already taking market due to its short mobile videos that can be shared to your fans and friends instantly.

    You can make any kind of videos on it with its easy feature and very effective tools that are all free to use.

    Being new in the market it has already made over 1 billion installed and over 20 million ratings, it is getting very popular in a very short time.

    You can discover or also can make your own videos, creating funny and all sorts of videos with next-level effects and filters and get over million and million of users to get on to.

    If you want to know about this app or have already known it and not yet installed it then this is the perfect time for you to get this app.


    This is one of our favourite and the best platform to use, for its unique video providing platform it is one of the best video platform to watch videos on, from funny videos to how to learn cooking.

    Youtube application getting already over 5 billion installs and more than 70 million ratings it is one of the most installed application out there.

    You can a creator or viewer in this app, providing us over millions and millions of continent you will never get bored from it.

    It is a very useful application you need to learn something new or want to learn singing then this is the right application for you, you can literally learn anything from this application on the go.

    If you want to get this great app then visit any apps store now. 

    Ludo king

    This is a very popular game application that was pretty famous for its simple arcade game that we all loved to play when we were kids due to its very fun game and playing game with your friend's option it has gained over millions of fans still playing it.

    Already over 100 million installs and over 4 million 4 star rating you should try this app once in your life. 

    It is a cross multiplayer classic arcade game platform that is very fun and can pass your time in no time.

    If you want to install this application then visit any apps store now and get it to begin your fun.


    This is the most popular and most played game in the market due to its unique first and third-person shooter multiplayer game with millions and millions of users every minute playing this game. 

    It reached 2018 most played mobile game of the year.

    PUBG has already been installed over 100 million and has been rated over 20 million 4 plus ratings. This game is very easy to grasp and with its insane graphics and detailed action people from all over the world love this battle royal game 

    With its constant updates and bug fixes and with its fast servers people are very loving this gameplay it on hours and hours of gameplay.

    If you want to play or has already played it and still playing it, you change this app fro free on any apps store and some of the things are in-app purchases.

    Mx player

    Started as a small video watching tool MX player has now become very popular now starting its own streaming platform people love using its tool as well as its video streaming app as well as website.

    Mx player now getting over 5 billion already installed and over 8 million 4 star plus ratings has already reached peeks now.

    Mx player offers us an easy to use tool for our videos to watch in it with the support and also offers different kinds of tools for videos and now also streaming popular show it has gained next-generation qualities.

    If you want to get it then you can get it for free on any apps store.

    Share it

    A sharing tool for your videos, images and files as well share it has captured hearts of its audience till now. it is a very useful tool to know most of the people from all over the world.

    Over one billion installs and already over 13 million ratings this file-sharing application has grown from small app to a big and powerful application.

    If you want to install it you can get it for free from any application site and most popular you can find in any apps store.