How To Make Money On YouTube And In Different Ways

How To Make Money On YouTube And In Different Ways

Do want to make money online but do not know how to, Or have may different ways but that did not go well, then you have come to the right place, we love writing about how to make money online, how to work from home and make money or how to make money online in your free time or comfor from you room. we aslo write content about investing how to invest and how to make rofit on investing or how to make money through money.

So in this today's part we are going to teach you how can you make money from youtube and what are the different ways to make money in youtube with details, so that you will get and easy view about youtube and who knows you might start working there by creating your own channel.

These are the list that we will be telling you in this part please read it carefully, it might help you to grow your youtube and make you earn moe money or you might get famous as well.The list contains:

1. what is youtube and how to create account 
2. How to choose content for your channel
3. How to grow your channel
4. How to make money on youtube and Different ways to make money on youtube

what is youtube and how to open account?

As you all know youtube is video content platform where you can watch all sort of videos from comedy videos to movies from music videos from a huge band to some local artists, you can see and learn everything and anything from youtube now a days, I do not think there is any one in this world that does not know about youtube at this point of time, Youtube is a huge sensation amaongst you people and a career fro content creators.

Youtube allows their creators to make monley online from the comfort of theirs home or just by enjoying temselves doing over something. youtube has huge fan followings there is said that there is more that 500 hours of video content uploded every minute and with over 2 billion people logging over month, 

the most famous youtube of this time is known to be the one known as Pewdiepie also known as felix has reached over 100 million subscribers. isn't That sounds impossible its link an entire country is watching over his videos. and his videos are pretty funny and vey fun to watch.

So how do you get into this youtube thing? what you need is an idea of you channe, what you wanted to do or show to people that will make them to watch you videos without views no one will come to watch and you will not get paid and also to get making monline online in youtube you need to become partner with youtube which requires some requirements from youtube to qualify for it.

you can start you channel right at the moment if you are ready for it and have collected all the information about you  channel and what you want to make in your videos.

To start making money in youtube first your channel has to have atleast minimum of 1000 subscribe and over 4000 hours of your videos watched time in the past 10 previous months,

Joining or becoming partner with youtube is very simple yo can do it by yourself or you can look at thig guide from youtube guide

2. How to choose content for your channel 

I think this is the most difficult part in every youtubers life when they are about to start their journey to become a youtuber. As there are million and millions of content creator out there with million of videos, who knows what you about to do are already doing by someone.

So, do research the marketplace first before straight going to make you channel 
make sure to make plans for your channel and try to think your video titles from the beginning.

Remember your content must be unique from any other content creators out there or else people will not come to your channel as they already know what you are trying to say or trying to want them to see,

Try to make your videos as small as you can in the first few of your time and make them easy and fun to watch so that they can come to your channel over and over again.

Your content must be unique in some ways from other, and just try to focus on those points this will make your audience to come back later on and eventually be your subscriber.

3. How to grow your channel

Growing you channel is the most difficult part because you have to constantly make videos and analyse your audience to grow your channels, here are some of the top pints or tips that will make you to grow you youtube channel or audience more in a faster and in a better way, just remember to follow these steps.

first things first you need to make your thumbnail in a very creative way it means attractive or you can also click-bait it if you have a rich content.

As said before make you videos short, sweet and funny so that your viewers can come back again again for you content to watch.

Try to use all your free tools given by youtube in a proper way as it can drastically increase you audience and you views or your subscribe.

Try to make your channel over one niche it means make your channel that only promote one content for example if your channel promotes funny videos do not go over making personal development videos, do not mashup you channel.

Use anotation and subscriber button given by youtube to your every video it will incerase you views and subscribers very fast.

Make a plea of requesting you audience or viewers to subscribe to your channel on each and every video that you upload.

Give giveaways to increase you views and subscribers.

Givin free e-books to you audience or viewers can also increase your subscribers and views.

Lastly paid promotion it is the fastest way to grow your channel you can use or buy YouTube views to increase you subscribers, you can also use some third parties to promote as well but we recommend buying from youtube its more safer

4. How to make money on youtube and Different ways to make money on youtube

You can make money on youtube my monetizing your videos with the partner program give by youtube, you can apply for it when you reach atleast 1000 subscribers and over 4000 hours of video watched time in you channel after that just apply for it and you can make money from it.

There are lots and lots of ways where you can make money in different ways in youtube some of the best ways are given below so please try to remember most of as you can it will be very helpful.

1. monitization: 

this is the oldest and basic way to make money where you get to add your ads to your videos and can make money from it, you can do it by joining youtube partner programme to apply for this, what happens here is in your video advertisers will show their ads on it and you get the comission from it.

2. Paid membership: 

this is the new option by youtube for its creators to make money from paid membership, if can ask members to join your community by subscribing to monthly members plan where there will be no ads and also get badges and some premium videos as well.

3. merchandise shop : 

you can sell you special edition merchandise to you viewers directly from youtube by its new extension or addon given by youtube it helps you to show you merchendise to you viewers to sell faster and to make money doing less it offers addons from spotify and teespring as well.

4. payments from super chat: 

you can also do live chat on super chat with certain goal of money that the members will pay for certaintasks or when you do special live on super chat.remember you need to be 18 and older to do this.

5. sponcerships : 

When your channel grows some of the companies might look for you to promote their stuffs and they will pay you for that and also they can sigh contracts with you to promote their stuffs for longer period of time in this type you can mae more and better money with this, but you need some huge fan followings for it .

6. Affiliate marketing:

this is also an very effective way to make money out from your youtube channel, can signup for different affiliates and sell their products or promote their products and when user buy from that you get commission from those sites.

7. Promote you own products or sites:

If you have a website or you sell product online you can do it from your channel as well that will increase you income very fast as well as you product and your sites will be promoted for free.

These are the things and tips and tricks that might help you to grow your youtube and help you to earn more money. We hope that you have liked this part and if you liked it then feel free to subscribe to get notified and also read our other parts how to make money online as well.

Happy Earning !!