Chanakya Thanthram full movie free download hindi dubbed 480p

Chanakya Thanthram full movie free download hindi dubbed 480p

Jaal Ek Tantra (chanakya Thanthram) full movie free download hindi dubbed 480p HDRip HD.avi

Chanakya Thanthram is a 2018 Malayalam-language film produced by Miracle productions.

The film is directed by Kannan Thamarakkulam, and stars Unni Mukundan, Shivada Nair and Shruti Ramachandran in the lead roles along with Indrans, Anoop Menon, Hareesh Perumanna. 

The music is composed by Shaan Rahman. The film is based on a story written by Dinesh Pallath. The movie is a remake of 2014 Tamil movie Thegidi.

Movie Story:
Arjun is a topper in criminology who is just out from college. He aspires to become a private detective and searches for available options. 

He receives an offer from a private agency in Kochi and accepts. He was asked to monitor and prepare whereabouts about a few subjects. 

He becomes overconfident as he solves some cases before his scheduled time. Meanwhile he falls in love with an orphan named Andrea. In the meantime, he also witnesses that his earlier subjects were mysteriously murdered one by one. 

Tensions erupt when he becomes doubtful about the credibility of his mentor agency when they ask him to keep track of Andrea. 

Later he understands that he has been trapped and tries to resolve it using his intelligence.

IMDB Rating:5.4/10
Directed:Kannan Thamarakulam
Released Date:3 May 2018
Film Stars:Unni Mukundan,Ramesh Pisharadi,Hareesh,Sivada Nair,Shruti
Movie Quality:480p HDRip Hd.avi
File Size:295.71 MB

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Chanakya Thanthram full movie free download hindi dubbed 480p

Chanakya Thanthram full movie in hindi dubbed download Review:

For those fed up of seeing the male lead playing an engineer, a college student, a policeman, an IT professional or nothing at all, here is Unni Mukundan playing Arjun Varma, who, after studying and becoming a topper in Criminology, becomes a private detective. 

Does his job fulfill his expectations of the thrills and mind games that he expects? Yes and a lot more. 

This is the second outing where Kannan Thamarakkulam joins hands with Unni Mukundan after Achayans and the film is definitely an improvement from their earlier project. 

Chanakya Thanthram is projected as a thriller and it remains faithful to its genre.

The film travels through the life of Arjun, who lands a job in Kochi at the office of a detective agency headed by Sshivada, who plays Irene. 

She gives him some individuals to investigate and Arjun makes short work of gathering intelligence about them. 

He does that using a variety of technical tools and impersonating various people including a sage, a Sikh and a sexy woman to get close to his subjects. 

Romance also brews when he gets acquainted with an orphan Andrea, played by Shruthi. 

The thrills begin when the people he has investigated start getting murdered and Arjun’s suspicions are raised. He embarks on an investigation all on his own to get answers. 

The hunter becomes the hunted when a mysterious character Iqbal, played by Anoop Menon, starts shadowing Arjun. 

What is Iqbal’s agenda and how is he connected to the deaths? The first half of the film takes a long time in setting up the characters and introducing unnecessary characters like Ramesh Pisharody just to elicit laughs. 

Hareesh Perumanna does a fair job of playing Arjun’s sidekick, who manages to eke out some giggles. 

It is the second half that makes the story take a thrilling U-turn with the ulterior motives of the lead characters getting revealed along with some high octane action sequences.

The scriptwriter has to be applauded for weaving in very current and disturbing social issues and the director has showed courage in highlighting the issues starkly. 

Coming to the roles, Unni is in his element as the confident, cunning and intelligent detective who also knows to take down a dozen villains with his bare hands. 

The tag of ‘action king’ suits him to a T. Sshivada, Shruthi, Anoop Menon all shine in their respective roles. The editing could have been a bit tighter in the first half. 

The cinematography by Pradeep Nair is good and the music by Shaan Rahman did not fail to thrill. 

The BGM in parts was out of place when some action sequences played out. All in all, a one-time watch.