Bhoot part one: the haunted ship full movie download 480p

Bhoot part one: the haunted ship full movie download 480p

Bhoot part one: the haunted ship full movie 2020 Hindi 480p HDRip HD.avi

Bhoot – Part One: The Haunted Ship is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language horror thriller film written and directed by Bhanu Pratap Singh and jointly produced by Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar, Apoorva Mehta and Shashank Khaitan. 

It is based on a true accident that took place in Mumbai, and tells the story of a couple on an abandoned ship lying static on a beach. 

The film features Vicky Kaushal, Bhumi Pednekar and Ashutosh Rana in lead roles, and is the first film of a planned horror film franchise.

Movie Story :
Beginning:2001, Movie begins with video shoot of a newly born baby Meera until she turns 3. Her parents celebrate her birthday on a Ship Called as Sea-Bird as she cut the cake and blows candle of 3, while here parents and other crew on the ship is busy partying, this pretty 3-year-old baby hears the sound of snapping and follows down to the basement of ship.

Suddenly she is thrown in the air by an unknown spirit, losing the grip of her doll, which she holds dear. As she tries to gain control of the doll, the spirit grabs her and drags her in the air, while Meera is still screaming for her doll.

A couple of years later, Prithvi, a shipping officer (Vicky Kaushal) and with the help of his friend & colleague, Riyaz help drives away girl (Bhumi Pednekar) from her marriage home, and does court marriage where she also tells him. 

She is carrying & pregnant. Prithvi is very hardworking at his job while he retrieves many girls from one container who were about to be smuggled through another ship. 

His friend advises him not to practice such adventures again. Prithvi & his wife gets a sweet baby girl and its a happy family, they enjoy playing, spending time with each other until the baby is around 5-6 yrs old. CUT

Now Prithvi is shown alone, seems he has lost his wife and child somewhere. Meanwhile, there is this Sea-Bird abandoned after so many years is suddenly located on a port unmanned. 

Previously one couple is shown on this ship playing romance and suddenly one unknown woman kills both.

One fine day, 2 guys walk around the beach cleaning the beach and picks up a T-shirt under which this girl's dead body is found in very horror buried. 

Prithvi is given the responsibility to move this abandoned ship Sea-Bird from this port for disposal. He & Riyaz tries to move it tying it to other ship, but the mission fails and the new ship starts fuming. Suddenly, Prithvi notices one man sinking while the ship is moving. 

He runs to the sea and swims in mid of sea to save this man, and see a girl inside the ship meanwhile Riyaz sends the crew to save Prithvi and succeeds. Prithvi is hospitalized as he gets slightly injured.

Prithvi starts getting hallucinations of the Sea-Bird and something that he has noticed while saving this sinking man. He calls Riyaz in midnight and Riyaz's wife advises him to see Prof. Joshi(Ashutosh Rana) who is doing research on souls and afterlife. 

Prithvi does not believe him but Prof advises him that he also gets hallucinations of his dead wife and daughter. Now Prithvi gets convinced with Prof advise.

Prithvi is convinced after watching the videos that there’s a girl trapped in the ship. Prithvi decides to save her at any cost. 

Upon further investigation, he comes to know that the girl is none other than Meera who is possessed and have been living on the ship from the past 11 years. 

He goes to the Professor and tells him about the videos. Professor guides him that he should find who has possessed Meera in order to save her.

The same evening when Prithvi is watching the video again, his TV remote falls on the ground resulting in the fast forwarding of the video. 

He is able to see an 'unknown man' from the crew, possibly the same man who is now a ghost and snapping the fingers. 

Upon further digging into this matter, Prithvi meets Meera's mother Vandana (Meher Vij) in a Church and plays the same recording which has Meera's 3 year old birthday after which he asks about the 'unknown man' from the crew in the same recording.

Vandana tells Prithvi that Sea-Bird was involved in all the illegal activities including shipping of various drugs. Whoever from the crew raised voice against the captain had to die. 

Captain assaulted Vandana and it was Amar (Parthaa Akerkar) who saved her from committing suicide and he was the same 'unknown man' in the video too. 

She also adds that Captain had created a secret room for managing all the illegal businesses.

Amar and Vandana fall for each other. They plan to flee from the ship and to bring down the Captain, they start video recording all the illegal businesses. 

The Captain gets to know about Amar snooping around and he tortures him to gain the evidence. Vandana also adds that Amar had died after 2 days. 

Later, Vandana marries the Captain as she is pregnant. But the child that she is carrying is Amar's and it is his ghost tracking anyone down who tries entering the Sea-Bird. He has also kept Meera with himself as she is his daughter. 

Vandana informs Prithvi that she is the only person who can take them to the secret chamber on the ship.

Prithvi, Vandana, Riyaz and the Professor go on the ship where they encounter the ghost. During the fight, Prithvi suddenly gets to know that it was Vandana who killed Amar to save herself from torture.

Vandana pleads for her daughter's life, but she is killed in an instant. Professor is also drowned by the ghost. Riyaz sets the diesel to leak in the ship and runs away. 

Prithvi finds the body of Amar still hanging in the same secret chamber which was hanged for torture. He burns the body, takes Meera and leaves the ship.

Later Prithvi is shown teaching Meera to eat noodles.

In the post credits scene, we can see a black figure moving around in Prithvi's house, indicating that Amar has followed Prithvi back to his house.

IMDB Rating:6.0/10
Directed:Bhanu Pratap Singh
Released Date:21 February 2020
Film Stars: Vicky Kaushal, Bhumi Pednekar, Ashutosh Rana
Movie Quality:480p HDRip.avi
File Size:286.88 MB

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Bhoot part one: the haunted ship full movie download 480p

Bhoot part one: the haunted ship full movie Review:

How does one make a horror film in Bollywood? The cheap trobe of bombastic background score, coupled with a few raunchy scenes, to deliver the intrigue. And if not sex, an ugly looking ghost somersaulting across and over roofs and walls to scare the daylights out of you. Thankfully, 'Bhoot The Haunted Ship' belongs to the latter category.

Thankfully, because it's not the deafening background score that delivers the scares, but the performances and the build up to the impending doom that may frighten you.

Never had Dharma, in its four decades of existence, ventured into the space of a horror-drama. With 'Bhoot', not only did it break a barrier for itself, but also made its most watchable movie in recent years. No kidding here. Because, unlike the 'Kalanks' and 'Students' of the years, 'Bhoot' has a story, and a narrative that holds fort despite a lacklustre premise given to the hauntings.

Vicky Kaushal's Prithvi is an executive at a shipping company -- haunted by a past. And he is designated with the duty of uprooting a giant cruiseliner -- Seabird -- from the shores of Mumbai's sea.

Seabird is no ordinary bird (read: ship) for it kills people for no reason, and leads to a shabby back story. Prithvi, our in-house Superman, takes on the charge to bring the 'bhoot' of the ship and the 'bhoot' of his mind to justice, and somersaults (quite literally) to conclude the narrative.

The high-point of the movie, however, is how brilliantly director Bhanu Pratap Singh weaves Prithvi's personal anguish into the ghost(ly) narrative and makes 'Bhoot' a psychological-cum-horror drama -- without confusing the audience. You exactly know when it's a hallucination of a mind that's plagued by guilt, and when it's the 'bhoot'.

Vicky Kaushal is the captain of the ship -- in terms of screen time, and in terms of what he does in the given time. He is a gifted actor, and probably, a gift to the Hindi film industry. He is specially brilliant in scenes where he faces the guilt of not having been able to save his family in a river-rafting accident -- in the form of hallucinations.

In 'Bhoot', Ashutosh Rana carries forward the role of the modern-day priest he played in 'Raaz', and does a fair job. We have seen him in better roles, and this particularly was not meant for him. He does justice to it nevertheless, but considering the mettle he is made of, he is underused.

Akash Dhar as Prithvi's friend, and Meher Vij as the mysterious woman are equally good. Bhumi Pednekar looks beautiful in the cameo.

Bhanu Pratap Singh packs a punch with his horror drama. He brings in a finesse to the narrative, and depicts the lesser-explored domains of Mumbai quite eerily and succinctly. There is an ominous strain in the depiction of Mumbai -- all thanks to cinematographer Pushkar Singh's frames that swiftly transition from greys to blues, all shades depressed and desolated. 

The insides of the haunted ship are also brilliantly shot -- in fact, the mess that the ship is invites more horror than what is going on in the narrative. This is grossly satifying, but crassly downgrading too.

The back story of why the ship is haunted lacks soul -- like seriously. The premise is flimsy, and had it not been for a fantastic build up to it, the climactic sequence -- particularly, its logic -- would have largely failed the viewer.

Also, when Prithvi unlocks the mystery on the ship and gets it sailing, he liberates himself from his demons -- this may make for a terrifc psychological thriller, but a horror-drama needs more soul-searching. Again, seriously.

The CGI is tacky -- not new to Indian horror though. The anticipation to the event is scarier than the actual happening, evoking a laughter -- rather than spooks -- at most sequences. A clever and crispier editing by Bodhaditya Banerjee could have done wonders at the referred points.