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Advance Investment strategies- Safe investment with high return


Best Advance  Investment strategies - How To Make Safe investment with high return Money From It

Looking For the best Investment strategies to make sage investment with high return? You have come to the right place.

We all want financial independence in life or we want to be financially independent in life in one point of our life.

Now money is huge and no money is enough for us and also we all struggle in making money having to pay our mortgage of our house, money for child education, money for health insurance and money to buy that we love and at the last it all comes down to money.

They say money does not buy you happiness but money does buy us experiences and experiences gives us happiness, You cannot make huge money by working hard or even working 5 to 9 jobs.

You need to use your brain or money to make more money form money, As says in the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Poor people works for money, And Rick people works their money to make more money. 

So, in this part we are going to tell the secrets of making money by investing and when you have to invest to what age is good for investing and How to make money from money so that you can have what you want to have and be financially independent.

    Things To Remember While Investments.

    There are so many ways that you can invest you money into and also many types of investments to follow.

    So how can you choose right investments so that you can benefit from it in the long run or in the short term investments.

    There are mainly three types of investments factors you need to know which are basic and easy to understand and becomes gets more and more easy when you learn from it or experience it. These 3 things to remember while investments are:


    Inflation is basically things that have fixed rates and their value remains the same even after long term, For example if you save 100$ then in time that 100$ will become 95$ due to inflation.

    Basically it reduces the purchasing power of money because of the prices of things gets higher and higher and you money value becomes lower and lower.

    Planning of Retirement:

    we all get old and we need more money for our need for our families, living cost increases and you have no monthly income at that time. 

    So try to learn investing when you are making money and can take some risks. Do not use your retirement funds in investing.

    Dreams and Goals:

    We all are different from one another and we have different goals in life some may have a bream of becoming a successful businessman.

    Some have getting popular and some have dream of having a safe life. 

    So, for that you need to remember that you have different investing plans.

    Best 4 Asset Classes.

    There are lots and lots of investment categories in the market that you can choose from for your investing plans and these 4 class of investing are very basic and best with some risks, Remember there are risks while investing.

    Cash : 

    this is the most basic of the 4 class given in the above, cash having in your home or in your savings account and has very low risk and has very less returns. 

    Investing in this type of assets can easily give you around from 3 to 4 interest rates has high inflation but liquidity is very high.

    Debt Investment:

    This is the investment in which you put your moneys on FD fixed Deposit and RD recurring Deposit, the ROI return of investments in these investments are from 5% to 7% but they comes with lock in periods like you to have certain time to withdraw this funds, Risks are very low or no risk at all but the liquidity is low.

    Real Estates:

    This is most common and known by everyone kind of investments but works like this you you bought a house to live them you can call it a investment and if you bought that hose for renting then its an investment. 

    Remember returns are location specific where the risk is lo but liquidity is low not very much but its low.


    This type of investments are for bigger players or if you want to become one this type of investments have medium to very high risks according to what you invent on.

    This type of investment includes Stock market and Mutual funds and any other kinds of investments. 

    ROI return of investments are very high or medium but the risks are high, this also includes trading and long term investments.

    Best investments According age.

    If you don't know how to invest or what age on you should invest the please follow through this best investments plans according to your age and please feel free to modify it by your means of investing,

    At your 20's

    in your 20's take two months of you expenditure as cash it may be in savings or in with yourself, you can invest 100%-your age=80% of your earnings because of high risk taking capability and having less responsibility. 

    You can invest on long term investments and also divide it to less risk investments like FD and RD for you dreams at you 20's.

    At your 30's and 40's

    In you 30's and 40's as you grew older you responsibilities will increase as well as your risk taking capabilities will decrease. 

    So you can invest 100-your age%=70 to 60% of your total earnings now with you 70 to 60 percentage spit them it into two investments like equity and Debt investments, you can choose it according to you preferred investments.

    At Your 50's and above

    Due to getting more older and weaker at this time of age your risk taking capabilities are low and you responsibilities are very high. 

    You can invest 100-your age%= 50% and above so you have to be more careful here, invest more on your FD and in your RD here because of low or no risk and invest less on Equity and do not go for get rich quick options.

    5 Ways To Grow Money By Money.

    Who doesn't like to make more money isn't it, Let me tell you that you can let us help you how can you grow you money and we will teach you 5 ways to grow money by money. 

    The five ways given below are through investments and from other stuffs, so try to read if carefully for better understanding.

    Buying liquid golds or valuables.

    Yo do not have to buy golds in liquid form, what it means is buying some things which are low or at medium price rates like for example golds and other valuable stones which have the potential of having their price increase in future.

    So how this make us make more money this is very simple buying at where the market price is low or buying at on premium where price don't decrease and sell it when the prices are high.

    The thing is risk in this investments are very low or no risk at all yup returns may be medium but ht liquidity of this investments are very high you can sell it at anytime you want.

    This is the very basic way of investing and any one can do it and are doing it too due to its no risk at all capabilities this investments are good not the best or better but good.

    Savings account.

    You can get an interest of percentage from 3% to 4% max in this kind of investments and you do not have to worry about any kind of risks. Liquidity are very high in this kind of investments but ROI return of investments are low, But remember no risk at all.

    FD Fixed deposit and RD recurring Deposits.

    FD or fixed deposits are investments when you invest you funds for a fixed of time, time depends on your investment. and ROI return of investments are from 5 to 7 percent. 

    But liquidity is medium you cannot withdraw you funds whenever you want and risk are zero.

    RD or Recurring Deposits are investments when you invest you funds for a time but the funds you deposits are monthly ROI in these kind of investments works the same as FD or fixed deposits.

    Health insurance.

    this are not the kind of investments where you make money from it but this investments will help you not to loose money and also makes you less risk free about you health or your families health.

    Risks are zero but the returns are enormous because it can save your life. 

    Stock market and mutual funds.

    Investing in stock markets are risky but the returns are high and liquidity is medium in what kind of investment you are doing it can investing in tradings or it can be in long term investments.

    Mutual Funds are less risky and returns are also higher than fd and rd. 

    Liquidity is medium you cannot take your funds anytime but it will not take too long but if you invest in liquid mutual funds then the liquidity are high.

    This are the things that you need to know about investing or how to get in investing and also ways to make more money from investing as well. 

    I hope that you have liked it and if you do please feel free to subscribe us to get notified and also check our other posts on make money online and other stuffs.