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10 Best way to safe investments with high returns in 2020


Do you want to safe investments with high returns to make good money? Then you are at the right place. Here it is top 10 Best way to safe investments with high returns in 2020. 100% Guarantee

You don't know anything about investment but want to start investing to increase your income or to be financially independent.

We all have goals and dreams to become financially independent or dream of having a care free life with our families, To buy a beautiful house near a beach or in the hills , to have a expensive cars, we all dream of something like that once in our life.

But what we lack is knowledge, They say " Knowledge Is Power " and this is a fact in everything you do , If you don't have knowledge you cannot do good in what you are doing.

You don't need to be born to be rich or have a greatest ideas to be financially independent you just need to use your hard earned money in right ways.

Therefore we are here for you to help you with your financial situation to grow rapidly so that you can be financially independent in life.

We brought to you this amazing 10 best ways to invest your money in 2020 even if you are a beginner and be financially independent in you future.

    Public Provident Fund (PPF).

    Public provident fund are those investments which can be opened through post office or from any bank which lasts till 15 years and can also be extended in time.

    They are long term investments option which give a very decent amount of interest or returns (ROI).

    You can open this account and you have to invest your money yearly, joint accounts are not allowed in here.

    liquidity is very low but the risk factor in this kind of investment is very low or to no and also have decent returns of 8%

    National Pension System (NPS).

    This is the kind of investment that is provided by the government for all the sectors from government to private to public who wants to invest for their retirement plans.
    You can do a monthly or yearly investments in national pension systems.

    It is a long term investment and can only be withdrawn when you retire and also you only get a certain amount and the remaining will be given to you monthly.

    If you are not into risk investments then this is a very good way fro you liquidity is low but the returns are very good ranging from 8% to 10%.

    Tax Savings Fixed Deposit.

    Tax saving fixed deposits are those kind of investments where you can deduct your tax in fixed saving deposits.

    This is also an long term investment like 5 years of investment with decent returns and you can also deduct you tax but remember tax will be deducted on returns.

    With its 5 years maturity time this is a very risk free investment and liquidity is medium you can easily redeem your funds when mature, and also gives you ROI return of investment of 6% to 7% better than FDs and RDs.

    Direct Equity Investment.

    What is direct equity investment to do this kind of investment you need some good amount of knowledge in stock investment and also you need to be some risk taker.

    In this kind of investment you invest directly in stocks through a broker it can long term investments or short term investments.

    Liquidity in this kind of investments are high or medium you can withdraw your fund anytime but risk are high it depends on how knowledgeable you are  but the returns are very high easily from 10% returns.

    Mutual Funds.

    You may have heard this name once in your life or may already know about it. Mutual funds are kind of investments where you invest your fund diversified ways .

    Its like direct equity investing but comes with advantages and also disadvantages, you need to have some knowledge before investing in mutual funds because of its risk factor if you are a risk taken then you should try mutual finds.

     Liquidity is medium or low you need to give some time fro your money to grow, Returns are high from 10% and more if you are a long term investor but risk is high or medium.

    Commercial Real Estate.

    Commercial real estate are those kind of investment where you invest in a property for business purposes or you provide work space or is leased.

    Commercial real states are not for housing and only be used for commercial use purposes only profit depends on what you invest on and where you have invested.

    You need to research before investing in this kind of investments but the risk is low and liquidity are also medium depends on the situation on what ways it is being used and returns are high or medium according to you placing.

    Liquid Mutual Fund.

    Liquid mutual funds are those investments where you invest you funds in debt securities with short term maturities that gives you a fixed rates on returns. it can be from 30 to up to 91 days before it gets mature you funds.

    You will get to know how much returns you are getting from that investment.

    liquid mutual funds has high liquidity you can redeem your funds as per your convenience, This kind of investment are good for low risk takers because of low risk and also offers you high returns than a savings or fixed deposits.

    Tax Saving FD.

    Tax saving FD are those kind of investments where your fixed deposits can get a tax deductions rate up to maximum of 1.5 lakhs.

    Yo know Fixed deposits have lock period or you can only withdraw when it matures it pays you more than regular fixed deposit.

    Fixed deposits has higher interest earning potential than savings account and only has to deposit once you can get a deduction up to Rs.1, 50,000 under Sec 80 C in tax saving fixed deposits.

    It is easy to get loan on the FD amount for lesser interest , Premature withdrawal not available or has penalty returns.


    Bonds are loans in this kind of investment the funds that you deposit will be given to a borrower for a good interest rate.

    there are different kinds of bonds in the market that you can invest on for example time and interest rates and also risk.

    liquidity in this kind of investment are low but no risk and have a fixed interest rate on return on investment.

    Monthly Income Scheme of Mutual Fund.

    Monthly income scheme is not a investment but a plan or strategy from mutual fund to invest in debt and equity. monthly income scheme of mutual fund gives steady supply of income on investment.

    This kind of investments are very good when you have retired or on planing on retirement.

    It takes time but it is a good investment plan so that you do not have to worry about your retirement and this is a long term investment with low risk but with higher in returns.