The Untamed Fatal Journey free eng Sub Full Movie Download


 The Untamed Fatal Journey free eng Sub Full Movie Download 

plot:  The Untamed Fatal Journey 

The story is set in when Qinghe Nie Sect was dealing with their ancestral knife tomb incident. Nie Mingjue brought Nie Huaisang alone to do good for others by restoring the tomb back to its original state to ensure peace in the Nie sect.

Through this, Nie Huaisang went from a playful disciple to maturing into the next generation sect leader and Nie Mingjue learned, understood his brother more and helped him grow.

The jianghu world is managed by the incredible Wen order, which rules over the littler Lan, Jiang, Nie and Jin orders. 

The cheerful Wei Wuxian turns out to be quick companions with the upright Lan Wangji, and during their experiences, the pair discover that the leader of the Wen faction is the detestable driving force behind a progression of plots that would unleash ruin upon the grounds. 

Wei Wuxian's endeavors to secure the honest individuals from the Wen order from out of line oppression lead to catastrophe, and he disappears all the while.

 Wei Wuxian returns sixteen years after the fact, and cooperates with Lan Wangji to settle a progression of homicide puzzles, in the long run finding and vanquishing the genuine guilty party


Action, Drama, Family, Historical, Movie

Date aired: 
Mar 26, 2020



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