Black Money free HD english subbed download blueray edition


Black Money free HD english subbed download blueray edition


Prosecutor Yang Min Hyeok, who is known for being headstrong, ends up in a complicated situation because of a suspect who commits suicide. He faces the true nature of a huge financial scandal while investigating a case to clear himself of suspicion.

Yang Min-Hyuk (Cho Jin-Woong) works as a prosecutor for the Seoul District Prosecutor's Office. He deals with case involving Park Soo-Kyung (Lee Na-Ra), who bumped into multiple cars on the freeway. Days later, Park Soo-Kyung is found dead. Prior to her death, her last text message was sent to her younger sister. She claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Prosecutor Yang Min-Hyuk. Her death is then ruled a suicide and Yang Min-Hyuk attempts to clear his name. 

With his investigation, he soon learns that Park Soo-Kyung was murdered and she was also a witness to the sale of Daehan Bank for an unusually low price. Yang Min-Hyuk also encounters Kim Na-Ri (Lee Ha-Nee). She works as an attorney for Daehan Bank. A massive financial corruption case stands in front of Yang Min-Hyuk.

Other name: 

Beullaek meoni


South Korea


Crime, Drama, Movie

Date aired: 

Nov 13, 2019




Black Money-Cho Jin-Woong.jpgBlack Money-Lee Ha-Nee.jpgBlack Money-Lee Kyoung-Young.jpgBlack Money-Kang Shin-Il.jpgBlack Money-Choi Duk-Moon.jpg
Cho Jin-WoongLee Ha-NeeLee Kyoung-YoungKang Shin-IlChoi Duk-Moon
Yang Min-HyukKim Na-RiLee Kwang-JooInvestigator JangSeo Kwon-Young
Black Money-Jo Han-Chul.jpgHeo Sung-TaeBlack Money-Moon Sung-Geun.jpgSeo Hyun-ChulLee Sung-Min
Jo Han-ChulHeo Sung-TaeMoon Sung-GeunSeo Hyun-ChulLee Sung-Min
Kim Nam-GyuProsecutor ChoiKang Ki-ChoonIm Seung-ManChoi Yong-Wook