War Full Movie Download, Tamilrockers 2019 War Full HD Movie Download Online in Hindi HD Filmywap


War Full Movie Download, Tamilrockers 2019 War Full HD Movie Download Online in Hindi HD Filmywap

War Full Movie HD Download Tamilrockers 2019 War Full HD Movie Download Online in Hindi HD Filmywap

War full movie download in hindi

Full Movie Description:

An Indian soldier is assigned a mission to eliminate his former mentor, who has gone rogue.
Somewhere in Delhi, as a scene opens, a mysterious sniper is contacted by an aged secret agent, V.K. Naidu (Mohit Chauhan), to kill a target from a distance. However, the sniper instead shoots Naidu, and escapes, and is thus shown to be rogue former Research and Analysis Wing agent Kabir Luthra (Hrithik Roshan), who is one of the most excellent and top-ranking officers the agency has ever seen.
Shortly after Kabir's boss and RAW joint secretary, Colonel Sunil Luthra (Ashutosh Rana), relays his betrayal to Defence Minister Sherna Patel (Swaroopa Ghosh), she calls for the agency to summon Khalid Rahmani (Tiger Shroff), a RAW agent who was previously mentored by Kabir, and is in complete awe of the former agent. A flashback shows Khalid's introduction to Kabir, who questions Sunil about Khalid's loyalty to the nation, arguing that Khalid's late father, Abdul Rahmani, proved himself a traitor both to the nation and Kabir himself when he shot him. However, in full awe of Kabir, who he regards as a major inspiration, Khalid insists that he will serve his country, no matter what, and regain his family's honour.
During the conversation between the two that follows a highly crucial and intense mission which turns out to be a success, Kabir complains about Khalid's one-sided aim, to which he responds by citing that his father's treason resulted in him being severely smashed in the other eye by a school bully, which impaired his vision. Kabir, however, reveals that he was indeed testing him, and accepts Khalid after seeing his love and chemistry with his mother Nafeesa (Soni Razdan), inducting him into his special force, which comprises a few fellow agents, namely one Saurabh (Yash Raaj Singh) and hacker Aditi (Anupriya Goenka). Kabir plans his next mission, which is targeted at criminal mastermind and terrorist-cum-businessman Rizwan Illiyasi (Sanjeev Vasta). The mission nearly succeeds with the team overpowering Illiyasi, but when he proclaims to Kabir that there is a mole in his team who is fully loyal to his terrorist cause, the agents giving Kabir's team company are suddenly shot down by Saurabh, who, it turns out, is the defector, as he was blinded by greed and had accepted Illiyasi's offer of nearly $100 million to betray his country. An enraged Khalid leaves the spot and chases Saurabh, whose act of shooting the guards supporting the agents results in a deadly shootout. Kabir tries his best to stop Khalid, but in vain. On the other hand, Kabir, who nearly succeeds in shooting Illiyasi, is suddenly shot unconscious by Illiyasi's henchmen.
Kabir wakes up to find himself seriously handicapped while he finds Khalid on bed, having been supposedly recovered unconscious by the army on the shore. Eventually, he turns rogue, and the story shifts back to present day, wherein Khalid struggles to find Kabir but fails, and is nearly taken off the case when another agent is murdered, though he convinces Sunil and Sherna to give him one last chance, and it is at this point, when he finds Kabir briefly and learns about the latter's next target, Dr. Utpal Biswas (Arif Zakaria), that he realizes that Kabir is actually serving the country by killing Illiyasi's associates, Biswas and Naidu being among those responsible, and is on an undercover mission to recover a secret document that Illiyasi badly needs. However, even after this, when he is unable to prevent Biswas from being killed by Kabir, a furious Khalid gives a wild goose chase to Kabir, who escapes again.
Later, it is shown that Kabir has been on a holiday, and frequently gives company to a young girl named Roohi (Dishita Sehgal), which is when he reminisces about Roohi's single mother Naina (Vaani Kapoor), who he had befriended in order to make her a perfect civilian asset. Upon learning of his true identity, Naina was initially hesitant to help him, but agreed for her five-year-old daughter's sake. Kabir assured Naina of her safety, to which the latter replied that she has lost all her faith on him. However, during Naina's mission to spy on Illiyasi's fourth associate Firoze Contractor, an initially confident Kabir, who actually had been in touch with Aditi all along, suddenly finds out that among Illiyasi's many contacts was a plastic surgeon, Dr. Mallika Singhal (Dipannita Sharma), who had previously helped Illiyasi with a plastic surgery. Realizing that Firoze is actually a disguised Illiyasi, he rushes to save Naina, but it is too late, as she falls dead from the first floor, being killed by Illiyasi.
Presently, Khalid traces Kabir through Roohi to a Christmas party in winding, and they have a brief discussion at Kabir's hideout, when they are suddenly attacked. Both of them fight off the attackers, and after crossing many hurdles, make it quick to Aditi's wedding in Kerala, whereupon they receive the intensely crucial secret code that Illiyasi needs, which is contained in a drive. However, while Kabir hands over the drive to Khalid and they celebrate on a boat, he is later poisoned by his mentee, when it is eventually revealed that Khalid is actually Saurabh.
A flashback goes again to the chase between Khalid and Saurabh, which actually culminated in Khalid being shot dead by Illiyasi, while Saurabh was taken by Illiyasi to Singhal for having an impromptu plastic surgery being performed on himself to disguise off as Khalid, covering the minor scars on his face using a mask. Later, he asked his men to shoot him dead so he could be recovered by the Indian Army. Saurabh, having showed his real side to Kabir, throws his seemingly lifeless body into a river.
Saurabh returns to his headquarters - a fully-armed weapons ship which houses Illiyasi - and launches an anti-satellite missile to destroy the Indian military satellite monitoring the Indo-Pakistani border that also provides the means of communications to Indian military forces in the area. Kabir parachutes aboard and single-handedly attacks the ship and confronts Saurabh, revealing that he had realized way long ago that the latter was not Khalid, since on the day he and Kabir were attacked, Kabir saw him take prefect aims, something which Khalid couldn't do because of his vision impairment, and also for his habit of drinking wine, which was not shared by Khalid as a teetotaler. Hence, he put Aditi to spy on him, and had acquired an antidote for the poison in his drink. Feeling vengeance against Kabir himself, Saurabh shoots Illiyasi dead in the ensuing commotion and flees with Kabir in pursuit after the missile unexpectedly falls back onto the ship itself and explodes, destroying its root and branch. Kabir gives chase to Saurabh, and after an intense fight in a church, overpowers him. The church's dome collapses on Saurabh, killing him.
The intelligence agency honours Khalid posthumously for his sacrifice, with Nafeesa receiving an award from the President, while Kabir, after a brief conversation with his boss, continues on his next undercover mission, still believed to be a deserter, and is at last seen with Roohi for a diving boat experience in the sea.


War Full Movie HD Download Tamilrockers 2019 War Full HD Movie Download Online in Hindi HD Filmywap

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 War Full Movie HD Download Tamilrockers 2019 War Full HD Movie Download Online in Hindi HD Filmywap




 Action, Thriller


Siddharth Anand


Siddharth Anand, Siddharth Anand


 Hrithik Roshan, Vaani Kapoor, Tiger Shroff


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War full movie leaked online by Tamilrockers

 Tamilrockers leaks War movie online: Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff actioner War has been uploaded on notorious piracy site Tamilrockers.

War Full Movie HD Download Tamilrockers 2019 War Full HD Movie Download Online in Hindi HD Filmywap

Piracy website Tamilrockers is at it again. Notorious for leaking new releases, Tamilrockers has now uploaded Bollywood actioner War, which features Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan in the lead.
Despite receiving several warnings and court orders, Tamilrockers has not backed down. Earlier, the Madras High Court had banned the site. But days later, Tamilrockers was on its feet again.
Released on Gandhi Jayanti (October 2), War registered an impressive opening of Rs 53.35 crore. The film marks the coming together of Bollywood’s biggest actions stars — Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff.