10 Most Hollywood Horrow Best Movie Of All Time You Must See


10 Most Hollywood Horrow Best Movie Of All Time You Must See

OUIJA: Origin of Evil (2016)

Origin of Evil is a 2016 American supernatural horror Movie directed and edited by Mike Flanagan and written by Flanagan and Jeff Howard. The film is a prequel to the 2014 Movie Ouija and stars Elizabeth Reaser, Annalise Basso, and Henry Thomas. A widow and her family introduce a Ouija board into their phony seance business, thereby inviting a spirit that possesses the youngest daughter.

The Movie was released on October 21, 2016, by Universal Pictures, grossing over $81 million. It received positive reviews, with many praising it as a significant improvement over its predecessor.

Movie Description :

In 1967 Los Angeles, a young widow named Alice Zander works out of her suburban home as a spiritual medium, accompanied by her daughters, 15-year-old Paulina "Lina" and 9-year-old Doris. The family is still reeling over the recent death of Roger, Alice's husband and the kids' father. At Lina's casual suggestion, Alice incorporates a Ouija board into her readings. While trying out the board, she unknowingly contacts a spirit named Marcus that begins to possess Doris.

Alice receives a notice that the bank intends to foreclose on their home. Doris contacts the board for help, believing she is communicating with her dead father. The spirit leads her to a secret compartment behind the basement wall containing a pouch of cash. When she gives the money to her mother, the family has a Ouija session, believing they can contact Roger. When the board answers a question only Roger would know the answer to, a thrilled Alice begins believing that they are in contact with her dead husband.

Soon, Doris becomes possessed by a shadowy spirit. Lina, who is becoming disturbed by the changes in her sister, finds papers written by Doris in fluent Polish, a language she does not know, and brings them to Father Tom to translate. Troubled, Father Tom visits them for a Ouija session under the pretense of contacting his dead wife Gloria. Although the session appears to be successful, Father Tom later explains to Alice and Lina that Doris did not contact Gloria. Instead, for every question he asked, she read his thoughts and repeated the answers he was thinking in his mind. He reveals that the pages are entries written by a Polish immigrant named Marcus, who was taken captive during World War II by a sadistic doctor who conducted experiments on him and other captives inside the house's basement. These spirits knew answers that only Roger would know because they have been watching the family since the day they moved in.
Meanwhile, Doris kills Lina's new boyfriend Mikey when he comes to visit. When they find the body, Father Tom, Alice, and Lina burn the Ouija board in the furnace. Father Tom finds the secret room where the experiments were conducted, and is possessed by the spirits. He attacks Alice and Lina, but momentarily seizes clarity, only to be killed by Doris. Alice is captured, while Roger's spirit carries an unconscious Lina to her bed. Recalling an earlier moment when her doll's mouth was stitched by her father's spirit "to shut out the voices", Lina realizes she must sew Doris' mouth shut to quiet the spirits' voices and stop the evil. She fights off the embodied evil spirits and sews her mouth shut but kills Doris in the process. The ghost Doris wakes up and Roger appears and Doris is happily reunited with her father. Lina explains to Alice that she had to sew her mouth in order to stop the voices. The spirits then possess Lina and stab Alice with a knife. The spirit unpossesses Lina, who is shocked to see what she did. Alice tells Lina that it wasn’t her fault but her own, for getting the board, and also tells Lina that she loves her. Alice then sees Roger and Doris happily together watching them and then dies, leaving Lina in an emotional breakdown.
Lina is later on committed in a mental hospital for the suspected murder of her mother and sister. She tells her doctor that she knows she will never be alone again. As Lina is left in a mental hospital room for her, she tears up half of the carpet, showing a floor and makes her own Ouija board, using her blood for the letters, and a piece of lens from a pair of circular glasses to make the Ouija Oracle symbol. Lina uses the make-shift Ouija to summon Doris's spirit, which only succeeds in calling forth Marcus in Doris' form.

The Possession Of Hannah Grace (2018)

The Possession of Hannah Grace (also known in some countries as Cadaver) is a 2018 American supernatural horror Movie directed by Diederik van Rooijen and written by Brian Sieve. It stars Shay Mitchell, Kirby Johnson, Stana Katic, Grey Damon and Nick Thune, and follows a former policewoman who encounters the supernatural while working in a morgue.
The Movie was released in the United States on November 30, 2018, by Screen Gems. It received generally negative reviews from critics and grossed $43 million worldwide.

Movie Description :

The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018) Hindi Dubbed ORG BluRay movie story When a cop who is just out of rehab takes the graveyard shift in a city hospital morgue, she faces a series of bizarre, violent events caused by an evil entity in one of the corpses.
The conjuring 2 (2016)
The Conjuring 2  is a 2016 American supernatural horror Movie, directed by James Wan. The screenplay is by Chad Hayes, Carey W. Hayes, Wan, and David Leslie Johnson. It is the sequel to 2013's The Conjuring, the second installment in The Conjuring series, and the third installment in the Conjuring Universe franchise. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson reprise their roles as paranormal investigators and authors Ed and Lorraine Warren from the first film. The film follows the Warrens as they travel to Britain to assist the Hodgson family, who are experiencing poltergeist activity at their Enfield council house in 1977 which later became referred to as the Enfield poltergeist.

Movie Description :
In 1976, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren investigate the Amityville murders at the Amityville house, to determine if a demonic presence was truly responsible for Ronald DeFeo Jr. killing his entire family on November 13, 1974, and the subsequent haunting incident involving the Lutz family. During a seance, Lorraine is drawn into a vision where she relives the murders. The spirit of one of the killed children lures her to the basement, where she encounters a demonic nun figure and witnesses Ed being impaled, frightening her.

In 1977, the Hodgson family begins to experience strange occurrences in their home in the London suburb of Enfield. Janet, the second oldest of four children, sleepwalks and converses in her dreams with an entity in the form of an angry elderly man who sits in the family's armchair, insisting the house is his. Eventually, all the Hodgson siblings and their mother Peggy witness paranormal events, terrifying them into seeking refuge with their neighbors. When the media attempts to interview the family, Janet is possessed by the elderly man, Bill Wilkins, who previously lived and died in the house. During the possession, Wilkins states that he enjoys tormenting the family and wants to reclaim his home. As Janet shows more signs of demonic possession, the story eventually reaches the Warrens, and their assistance is requested in an investigation to prove whether or not Janet's possession is a hoax. Lorraine, fearful that her vision of Ed's death may become reality, warns him not to get too involved. She has yet another vision of the demonic nun in Ed's study. The demon says its name, which Lorraine scribbles in her Bible.

While staying at the Hodgson residence, Ed and Lorraine consult other paranormal investigators, including Maurice Grosse and Anita Gregory, on the legitimacy of the case. They attempt to communicate with Wilkins's spirit, hoping to convince him to stop haunting the family. One night, Gregory presents video evidence of Janet wrecking the kitchen on purpose as if for a prank, thereby discrediting the haunting. Based on this, Ed and Lorraine decide to leave, believing the family is lying for fame. However, they discover that the spirit of Wilkins is only a pawn being manipulated by the demonic nun, to haunt Janet and break her will. Lorraine realizes that her abilities have been blocked by the nun, preventing her from grasping the truth of Janet's possession.
Ed and Lorraine quickly return to the Hodgson residence, only to find Janet possessed and the rest of the Hodgsons locked outside the house. Ed ventures inside alone and finds Janet at the window, ready to commit suicide. He manages to grab Janet in time, but is close to falling. Lightning strikes the tree in the front yard, turning it into the object that impales Ed in Lorraine's vision. Lorraine finds her Bible in which she wrote the demon's name – Valak. She addresses the demon by its name, successfully condemning it back to Hell. Janet is freed of its possession, and Lorraine pulls her and Ed to safety.

The Curse Of La Llorona (2019)

The Daily Cardinal
The Curse of La Llorona (also known as The Curse of the Weeping Woman in some markets) is a 2019 American supernatural horror Movie directed by Michael Chaves in his directorial debut, and written by Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis. It is the sixth installment in the Conjuring Universe franchise. Based on the Mexican folklore of La Llorona, the film stars Linda Cardellini, Raymond Cruz and Patricia Velásquez, and follows a mother in 1973 Los Angeles who must save her children from a malevolent spirit who is trying to steal them away. The Movie was produced by James Wan through his Atomic Monster Productions banner.

Movie Description :

In 1673 Mexico, a family plays in a field, and the youngest son gives his mother a necklace. The boy closes his eyes briefly, and when he opens them, his family is missing. The boy finds his mother drowning his brother in a stream. Horrified, he runs away but his mother catches him and seemingly drowns him too.

300 years later, in 1973 Los Angeles, Hispanic caseworker Anna Tate-Garcia investigates the disappearance of client Patricia Alvarez's two children. Anna arrives at Patricia's house for a welfare check. Inside, she finds the children locked behind a door, and Patricia attacks her and is taken away by the police. Patricia's children, brothers Carlos and Tomas, tell Anna to keep them in the room so they are protected. Ignoring their warnings, she brings the boys to the police. At a child services shelter, Tomas sleepwalks numbly through the facility and Carlos follows him until Tomas points to a mirror where both boys see a woman clad in a white dress. The mirror cracks and the woman grabs Carlos.

Anna is called to investigate the deaths of the boys, found drowned in a river. Bringing her children Chris and Sam, she tells them to stay in the car while she investigates the murder scene. She hears Patricia, accused of her sons' murders, screaming that it was Anna's fault for taking her sons, and that Patricia had tried to stop the malevolent force of the woman in white, "La Llorona".

Chris leaves the car to investigate himself and is seized by La Llorona, leaving burn marks on his arm. He rushes back to the car, but La Llorona appears again and frightens him into shock. The next day, Sam is also grabbed by the spirit, leaving identical burn marks on her arm. Anna interviews Patricia, who has an alibi for the time of her sons' deaths and tells her about La Llorona. Patricia reveals that in her hatred for Anna, she prayed to La Llorona to take Anna's children and bring her own boys back. Anna encounters La Llorona when the spirit attempts to drown Sam in the bathtub. She saves Sam, and the ghost leaves burn marks on Anna's arm too. The next morning, Anna seeks help from Father Perez, who relates the case to his previous experiences with a haunted porcelain doll. Perez tells Anna about former priest Rafael Olvera, who can help get rid of the entity. Rafael arrives at Anna's house, setting up candles and other items to protect the family. In the night, La Llorona repeatedly attacks them and attempts to drown Anna and Sam in the pool.

Patricia arrives, attempting to give Anna's children to La Llorona in exchange for her own. Sam and Chris flee while Anna pleads with Patricia in the basement; Patricia comes to her senses and releases Anna, allowing her to help her children. Chris delays La Llorona by showing her a necklace Anna took off of her in the pool, which makes La Llorona briefly assume her human appearance. Sam then accidentally unveils a mirror which takes La Llorona out of her human appearance and proceeds to attack the children. Anna stabs her through the chest with a cross made from a Fire Tree – trees that grew by the river where La Llorona drowned her children, the only 'witness' to her crime – and the spirit is destroyed.

Anna and her children thank Rafael for his help; as the children run back into the house, Anna sees what looks like a puddle of tears.

IT: Chapter Two (2019)


It Chapter Two is a 2019 American supernatural horror Movie and the sequel to the 2017 Movie It, both based on the 1986 novel by Stephen King. The film is directed by Andy Muschietti from a screenplay by Gary Dauberman. It is the second Movie in the It film series. It is produced by New Line Cinema, Double Dream, Vertigo Entertainment, and Rideback, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The Movie features an ensemble cast, including Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, Andy Bean, and Bill Skarsgård, who returns as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Set in 2016, 27 years after the first Movie, the story follows the remaining members of the Losers Club reuniting in order to defeat the eponymous being who has returned to terrorize the town of Derry, Maine.

Movie Description :

In 2016 Derry, Maine, Don Hagarty witnesses his boyfriend Adrian Mellon being murdered by Pennywise after a gang of homophobic teenagers throw Adrian off a bridge while leaving a carnival. This convinces Mike Hanlon to call his childhood friends back to Derry and honor the promise they made in 1989 to kill It if it came back. While the others travel to Derry with only hazy memories and a sense of dread, Stanley Uris commits suicide in the bath soon after getting the call. The Losers meet for dinner at a Chinese restaurant, where Mike helps them remember It while they are tormented by hallucinations and learning of Stan's suicide.
Richie and Eddie consider leaving while Mike convinces Bill Denbrough, via a drug-induced vision, that the Shokopiwah Native American tribe's Ritual of Chüd can stop It for good. After the others agree to perform the ritual, Beverly Marsh revealing her exposure to It's Deadlights has her experience visions of the Losers' deaths should they leave town without fulfilling their promise, Mike explains that the ritual requires seven personal items from their past. Meanwhile, Henry Bowers, having survived his apparent death in 1989, escapes from a mental institution with help from Pennywise.
Getting Stan's shower cap in the Losers' old clubhouse, Mike advises the others to find their artifacts by retracing their steps following their falling out after first entering Neibolt House. Beverly finds Ben Hanscom's love letter at her old home, still believing Bill wrote it, and encounters It posing as Mrs. Kersh. Ben recalls his childhood encounter with It at high school before realizing his artifact is the yearbook page Beverly signed which he kept in his wallet. Both Richie and Eddie recall their own personal encounters with It while retrieving their artifacts: a game token from an abandoned arcade, and an inhaler. Pennywise taunts Richie before menacing Eddie in the guise of the Leper, only to flee when Eddie standing up to It causes the monster to shrink in size.
Bill finds his childhood bicycle "Silver" and recovers the paper boat from the storm drain where Georgie was killed while meeting a boy named Dean, who lives at his old house and hears voices from the shower drain. Bill regroups with the others before running off to the carnival after learning It is going after Dean, only to end up watching helplessly as It brutally devours the boy in front of him. Meanwhile, Henry unsuccessfully attempts to murder Eddie before attacking Mike, only to be killed by Richie. The Losers join a traumatized Bill at the Neibolt house, talking him out of facing It alone out of guilt.
The group descends into an underground cavern beneath the sewers, Mike providing a rock from the Losers' fight with the Bowers Gang as they perform the ritual in the remains of the meteor that brought It to Earth ages ago. The ritual appeared to work in trapping the Deadlights in the sealing jar, but they escape after Pennywise emerges from the jar in a giant spider-like form. Pennywise pressures Mike into revealing that It killed those who previously performed the ritual, Mike assuring the others they have a better chance in facing their fears. It attacks the Losers and places Bill, Ben, and Beverly in nightmarish scenarios, which they escape once Bill lets go of his guilt over Georgie's death and Beverly realizes Ben wrote the love letter. Richie gets caught in Its Deadlights while attempting to save Mike, and Eddie is fatally wounded after saving him. The Losers regroup and realize they can stop Pennywise by exploiting It's subjection to having a physical form and their perception of It. Their taunting works in shrinking Pennywise into a helpless infant-sized form, killing It for good when Mike rips out Pennywise's heart so he and the Losers can crush it. Eddie dies from his injuries and the Losers are forced to leave him behind when It's death causes a cave-in that destroys the Neibolt house.
The remaining Losers comfort a tearful Richie over losing Eddie, their ordeal's end signified by the scars on their hands disappearing. The Losers part ways while retaining their memories, Ben and Beverly becoming a couple while Richie returns to the kissing bridge where he had once carved his and another's initials, now revealed to be Eddie. Bill begins writing his new story before receiving a call from Mike as he leaves Derry, learning that Stan sent them all posthumous letters. Stan reveals in his letter that his suicide was actually a means to give his friends a fighting chance against It and asks the remaining Losers to live life to the fullest.

Insidious: The Last Key (2018)

Insidious: The Last Key is a 2018 American supernatural horror Movie directed by Adam Robitel and written by Leigh Whannell. It is produced by Jason Blum, Oren Peli, and James Wan. It is the fourth installment in the Insidious franchise, and the second in the chronology of the story running through the series. Starring Lin Shaye, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannell, Spencer Locke, Caitlin Gerard, and Bruce Davison, the Movie follows parapsychologist Elise Rainier as she investigates a haunting in her childhood home.

Movie Description :

In 1953, Elise Rainier lives in Five Keys, New Mexico with her parents Audrey and Gerald and younger brother Christian. Elise and Christian encounter a ghost in their bedroom. Frightened, Christian looks for a whistle their mother gave him to call for help, but cannot find it. Gerald, furious, beats Elise and locks her in the basement. There, Elise opens a mysterious red doorway and is briefly possessed by a demonic spirit. When Audrey comes to investigate, she is killed by the demon.
Decades later in California in 2010, Elise works as a paranormal investigator with her colleagues Specs and Tucker. A man named Ted Garza calls, saying he's been experiencing paranormal activity at his house. Realizing it's her childhood home, Elise departs to help him. While investigating the house, Elise finds Christian's lost whistle, but it disappears again after she encounters a female spirit. Elise tells Specs and Tucker that she had seen the spirit before when she was a teenager. After, Elise fled the house in fear of another beating from her father, abandoning Christian.
The next morning, Elise, Tucker, and Specs meet Melissa and Imogen, Christian's daughters. Christian is still furious at Elise for abandoning him. Hoping to repair their relationship, Elise hands Melissa a photo of the whistle, telling her to show it to Christian. Later, Elise and Tucker discover a hidden room in the basement. Inside, they discover a young woman being held prisoner. Ted storms into the room and reveals that he is responsible. He locks the group in and tries to kill Specs. Specs kills Ted in self defense.
Sometime later, after police clear the house, Christian and his daughters go inside to find the whistle. In the basement, Melissa is attacked by the demon from Elise' past, known as "Key Face." Key Face sends her into a coma, with her consciousness now stuck in the spirit realm of "The Further."
Trying to save Melissa, Elise searches the house and discovers hidden suitcases containing belongings of numerous other women whom had been held prisoner, including the young woman she had seen as a teenager. Elise realizes that like Ted, her father also kidnapped women and held them in the secret room. The woman she saw as a teenager, Anna, was actually still alive, and was later killed by Gerald. Suddenly, Elise is ambushed by Key Face and her spirit is taken into the Further.
Imogen, who possesses abilities much like Elise's, enters The Further with the help of Specs and Tucker. She is led by Anna's ghost into a prison realm where Key Face is holding all of the souls he has taken, including Melissa and Elise. Elise realizes Key Face had been controlling both Gerald and Ted, and feeds on the fear and hatred generated by the women they kidnapped. Key Face tries to coerce Elise into hurting her father's spirit as revenge for what he's done. Elise starts beating Gerald, but is stopped by Imogen and refuses to feed Key Face any more hatred. Key Face attacks Elise, but Gerald saves her before he is stabbed by Key Face, his spirit vanishing.
Key Face stabs Melissa, causing her physical body to start dying. He attempts to possess Elise. Elise blows Christian's whistle, and Audrey's spirit arrives, vanquishing Key Face. With Melissa dying, they move to find her body in The Further. They open a door and see a young boy, Dalton Lambert. Realizing they opened the wrong door, they leave the door open and find Melissa in the next door. Melissa's spirit returns to her body in the real world, saving her life. Elise makes amends with her mother's spirit and says goodbye. Elise and Imogen return to the real world and reunite with Melissa and Christian. Christian forgives Elise and she gives him the whistle.
In her sleep, Elise sees a vision of Dalton and a red-faced demon. Elise, Audrey and Melissa had left the *red door* open when they had mistakenly opened it which had helped the Red Faced demon to enter into the living world. She wakens and receives a call from a woman named Lorraine. Elise had helped her son years earlier, and now her grandson Dalton needs the same help.
Insidious: The Last Key is a 2018 American supernatural horror Movie directed by Adam Robitel and written by Leigh Whannell. It is produced by Jason Blum, Oren Peli, and James Wan. It is the fourth installment in the Insidious franchise, and the second in the chronology of the story running through the series. Starring Lin Shaye, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannell, Spencer Locke, Caitlin Gerard, and Bruce Davison, the Movie follows parapsychologist Elise Rainier as she investigates a haunting in her childhood home.

Annabelle Comes Home (2019)


Annabelle Comes Home is a 2019 American supernatural horror film directed by Gary Dauberman, in his directorial debut, from a script by Dauberman and a story by Dauberman and James Wan, who also acted as producer with Peter Safran. It serves as a sequel to 2014's Annabelle and 2017's Annabelle: Creation, and as the seventh installment in the Conjuring Universe franchise. The film stars Mckenna Grace, Madison Iseman, and Katie Sarife, along with Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, who reprise their roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Movie Description :

Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren confiscate the Annabelle doll from nurses Debbie and Camilla, who claim that the doll often performed violent activities in their apartment. During the drive back home, the doll summons spirits to attack Ed, but he narrowly survives. Annabelle is locked in a sacred glass case in the couple's artifacts room that is blessed by Father Gordon to ensure the evil is contained.
Some time later, the Warrens welcome Mary Ellen, who will be in charge of babysitting their daughter, Judy, at the house while they travel overnight to investigate another case. At school, Judy notices the spirit of a priest that begins following her. Mary Ellen's friend Daniela arrives uninvited to the Warrens' home, who is secretly curious about speaking to the dead. She sneaks into the artifacts room and starts examining them, ultimately trying to contact her late father. She abruptly leaves Annabelle's glass case unlocked, and the terror begins shortly afterward with the spirit of Bee Mullins unleashed. That night, Annabelle begins releasing other spirits, such as the Ferryman, the Bride, a Feeley Meeley board game, and the Black Shuck.
Mary Ellen's crush Bob Palmeri arrives outside and serenades her, but is later attacked by the Black Shuck and hides in the Warrens' backyard. Mary Ellen is tormented by the Ferryman, while Judy is confronted by Annabelle in her bedroom. Daniela had left earlier, but sneaks back to return the artifacts room's keys. She gets locked inside the room and tormented by various objects, such as a piano and an old television that can predict the near future. She finds the Mourner's Bracelet and sees her father twisted into a malevolent spirit. A bloody and screaming Daniela appears on the television screen after having answered a cursed telephone. The real Daniela later unwittingly reaches to answer the telephone, but is interrupted by Judy and Mary Ellen.
Judy explains that they must lock Annabelle in her case again so the other spirits will rest. Bob protects Judy from the Black Shuck as she retrieves Mary Ellen's asthma inhaler, while Daniela is attacked and possessed by the Bride. Eventually, Mary Ellen and Judy find the doll when the priest's spirit, acting as Judy's guardian, guides them to the Ferryman. They manage to retrieve the glass case's key after they are attacked by demonic hands from the Feeley Meeley board game and a possessed Daniela, but struggle to secure the case as the demon of the doll physically attacks them. Daniela recovers when Judy plays Ed's recorded footage of the Bride's exorcism, and helps replace the doll. After the case is locked, the disturbances cease as the spirits return to their slumber, and Bob reunites with the trio.

THE NUN (2018)

The Nun is a 2018 American gothic supernatural horror Movie directed by Corin Hardy and written by Gary Dauberman, from a story by Dauberman and James Wan. It is a spin-off of 2016's The Conjuring 2 and the fifth installment in the Conjuring Universe franchise. The film stars Demián Bichir, Taissa Farmiga and Jonas Bloquet, with Bonnie Aarons reprising her role as the Demon Nun, an incarnation of Valak, from The Conjuring 2. The plot follows a Roman Catholic priest and a nun in her novitiate as they uncover an unholy secret in 1952 Romania.

Movie Description :

In 1952 Romania, two Roman Catholic nuns living at the Saint Cartha's monastery are attacked by an unseen force when they enter a tunnel to retrieve an ancient Christian relic. The surviving nun, Sister Victoria, flees from the attacker, a demon appearing as a nun, and hangs herself. Her body is discovered by Frenchie, a villager who transports supplies to the nuns.
The Vatican learns of the incident and summons Father Burke to Rome, where they ask him to travel with Sister Irene, a nun in her novitiate, to Romania in order to investigate the situation. While Sister Irene is teaching children the relationship between religion and science in a school, her Mother Superior interrupts her and informs her that Burke has arrived in order to request Irene's accompaniment in his trip to Romania.
The pair travels to Romania and meet with Frenchie, who leads them to the abbey. They discover Victoria's body and remove a key from her corpse. Inside, they encounter the Abbess, who informs them that the nuns observe a period of silence during the night and offers them lodging at the attached convent if they wish to return the next day. Frenchie is attacked by a demon as he returns to the village, but escapes. Burke tells Irene that a boy he exorcised, Daniel, was fatally injured during the exorcism, and Burke has carried the burden of the boy's death with him ever since. Irene reveals that as a girl, she had visions and each of her visions concluded with "Mary points the way", causing the Church to take an interest in her. That night, Burke is rescued by Irene after being buried alive in the graveyard by the demonic entity.
The next day, Irene and Burke return to the abbey, but only Irene can enter as it is cloistered. She meets some of the other nuns and learns that they are praying constantly, swapping in shifts, to keep the entity at bay. Sister Oana reveals the abbey's history: it was built in the Middle Ages as a castle by a duke who was obsessed with the occult. The duke summoned the demonic entity through a rift in the catacombs but was killed by Christian knights, who sealed the rift with an artifact containing the blood of Jesus Christ. However, the bombings during the Second World War caused the rift to reopen, unleashing the entity. Burke identifies the entity as Valak and discovers the Abbess has been dead all along.
Frenchie heads back to the abbey to help Irene and Burke. Irene is attacked by Valak and joins the nuns in desperate prayer to fend off the demon. When the group reunites, Irene discovers that none of the nuns she had seen and talked to were real and she had been praying alone, later realizing that Victoria had been the last nun in the abbey and had sacrificed herself to stop Valak from possessing her body and unleashing evil.
Theorizing that Valak can only be stopped if they seal the rift with the blood of Christ contained in the reliquary, the trio retrieves the vial with the key Victoria had. Irene then informs Burke that God has called her to make her solemn vows as a nun and asks Burke to elevate her to the status of a professed nun, which he does in the abbey's chapel.
After the trio unlocks the tunnel door, Irene is lured into a pentagram and possessed by Valak. Frenchie smears some of the blood of Christ on her face, casting out the demon. Burke is wounded by Daniel's ghost as Valak starts to drown Irene in a flooded chamber. Irene expels the blood of Christ in the demon's face, banishing it as the blood of Christ seals the rift. After Frenchie resuscitates Irene, he reveals his real name is Maurice. Unbeknownst to the others, Maurice has been possessed by Valak, as evidenced by an inverted cross on his neck.
Nineteen years later at a university seminar, Carolyn Perron watches as Ed and Lorraine Warren present footage of their attempt to exorcise a possessed Maurice. In the footage, Maurice grabs Lorraine, giving her visions of Ed dying, which initiate the Warrens' investigation of the Perron farmhouse haunting, as well as their encounter with Valak itself.

Friend Request (2016)

Friend Request (released overseas as Unfriend) is a 2016 English-language German supernatural psychological horror 
Movie. It is loosely based on the novel of the same name by Laura Marshall.

Movie Description :

Laura (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is one of the most popular students at her college and enjoys an active social life with many friends and family members. She lives with Olivia (Brit Morgan), Isabelle (Brooke Markham) and Gustavo (Sean Marquette), Isabelle's boyfriend. She is also close friends with Kobe (Connor Paolo) and is dating Tyler (William Moseley).
One afternoon, Laura receives a friend request from a quiet classmate, Marina (Liesl Ahlers). Noticing that she has no online friends, Laura accepts and the two begin hanging out, but Laura is soon uncomfortable with her obsessive behaviour and sees that her Facebook page is full of dark and disturbing posts. Marina wants to attend Laura's birthday dinner but Laura lies and tells her only she and Tyler are going out. Later that night, Marina sees pictures of Laura and all her friends on Facebook, and she angrily confronts Laura the next day in college. During their quarrel, Laura accidentally reveals Marina's bald spot, a result of hair pulling disorder. Laura then unfriends Marina on Facebook.
That night, Laura notices the mirror in her hallway has turned black and it then shows a forest where a dark figure is seen walking. A terrifying demonic face appears behind Laura but quickly disappears when Olivia turns on the light. The next morning in class, it is announced that Marina committed suicide. Laura feels responsible but tries to forget about it, until Marina uploads a video showing her burning a sketch of Laura before committing suicide by hanging herself. Later on, it is somehow posted on Laura's own page and she is unable to remove it or delete her account. Laura goes to Kobe for help and he investigates her page, discovering the source code has been compromised.
Marina adds Gustavo as a friend then posts a distorted picture of his face. The lights suddenly cut off and he is then terrorised by a demonic spirit. Gustavo rushes into the elevator for safety, only to be attacked by a swarm of black wasps, and as the elevator doors opens, he is seen smashing his face against the elevator walls by an unseen force. Discovered by Isabelle, she is sent to hospital and refuses to see Laura, blaming her for Gustavo's death. A video of the elevator attack is posted on Laura's page and once again, she is unable to delete it. A message appears on screen that reads: "You will know how it feels to be lonely :)".
Laura's friends begin to turn against her. Determined to know more about who Marina was, Kobe helps her break into her dorm room and they find an old class photograph from an orphanage. Laura visits the orphanage and discovers Marina's real last name is Nedifar, and she was bullied and tormented by two boys when she was younger. The boys were later murdered, with their faces mutilated and swarmed by black wasps, by an unknown assailant. Meanwhile, Kobe does research on black mirrors and learns that they were mostly used by witches.
A devastated Isabelle goes through pictures on her phone and begins hallucinating. Horrified after seeing the two men with their mutilated faces coming toward her, she rushes into the hospital bathroom and locks herself in, finding the dead body of herself before being killed by Marina. Later, a video of Isabelle being killed, in which she slit her own throat out of madness while being controlled by Marina, is posted on Laura's page. Olivia turns off her phone and moves out, fearing she will share the same fate as Gustavo and Isabelle if she continues to hang around Laura.
Laura sees a distorted picture of Olivia on Marina's page, implying that she is next. Laura and Tyler rush to save her but Olivia has already been attacked by Marina, hurled out of her window and hospitalised in stable condition. In the night, Marina possesses Olivia through the heart monitor and lunges at Detective Cameron's officer, taking his gun from him. She shoots herself in the head. Meanwhile, Laura finds the place where Marina committed suicide in order to destroy the black mirror that turned Marina into an evil spirit. While there, they search the basement. Kobe is separated from Laura, who finds him staring into a black mirror. He apologises and tells her she can't be lonely if she dies, then stabs her in the stomach, hoping to kill her and save himself.
Laura manages to escape from the basement. She later realises, by looking at the video of Marina's suicide, that she died in a nearby factory. Tyler finds a deranged Kobe looking for Laura, and they head to the factory as well. Inside, a wounded Laura is searching for Marina's body, when she receives a call from her mother, Caroline, who says she has been seeing Marina, too. The call then cuts out. Caroline takes a knife from the kitchen and goes to the other room, presumably killing herself.
Tyler finds Laura but their reunion is cut short when Kobe appears and stabs Tyler in the throat, killing him. Laura attempts to escape again but reaches a dead end. However, before he can kill her, Kobe is violently attacked and killed by the swarm of wasps. Dazed, Laura sees an apparition of two men (presumably the boys that bullied Marina in the orphanage). She yells at Marina, asking her what she wants, and the spirit of younger Marina appears and says that she just wanted to be friends with her. Laura is then lunged at by a demonic Marina.
Some time has passed and there are fresh batch of students at the college. Laura is seen looking at some girls in the same way that Marina looked at Laura in the beginning. Laura has a new Facebook page (she has re-named herself Lau Ra) but has zero online friends and her account shares the same dark images Marina had. Laura's eyes turn green and blue, implying that Marina has possessed Laura.

The witch (2015)

Bored and Dangerous
The Witch (also known by its full name, The VVitch: A New England Folktale) is a 2015 American-Canadian period supernatural horror film written and directed by Robert Eggers in his feature directorial debut. The film stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie, Harvey Scrimshaw, Ellie Grainger and Lucas Dawson. The Witch follows a Puritan family encountering forces of evil in the woods beyond their New England farm, forces that may be either real or imagined.
An international co-production of the United States and Canada, the film premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival on January 27, 2015 and was widely released by A24 on February 19, 2016. The film received positive reviews and was a box office success, grossing $40 million against a budget of $4 million.

Movie Description :

In 1630s New England, English settler William and his family — wife Katherine, daughter Thomasin, son Caleb, and fraternal twins Mercy and Jonas — are banished from a Puritan Plymouth Colony over a religious dispute. The family build a farm near a large, secluded forest and Katherine has a newborn child, Samuel. One day, Thomasin is playing peekaboo with Samuel when the baby abruptly disappears and it is soon revealed that a witch has stolen the unbaptized Samuel, killing him and using his remains to make a flying ointment.
Katherine, devastated by Samuel's disappearance, spends her days crying and praying. While hunting with William, Caleb asks if Samuel's unbaptized soul will reach Heaven. William denies Caleb for raising the question and later reveals to Caleb that he traded Katherine's silver cup for hunting supplies. That night, Katherine questions Thomasin about the disappearance of her cup and suspects her to be responsible for Samuel's abduction. After the children retire to bed, they overhear their parents discussing sending Thomasin away to serve another family.
Early the next morning, Thomasin finds Caleb preparing to check a trap in the forest and forces him to take her with him by threatening to awaken their parents. In the woods, the two spot a hare, which sends their horse into a panic and their dog Fowler promptly chases. Caleb pursues, while the horse throws Thomasin off, knocking her unconscious. Caleb becomes lost in the woods and stumbles upon Fowler's disemboweled body. Deep in the woods, he comes across a hovel, where a beautiful young woman emerges and seduces him. However, once Caleb is close enough, the woman’s arm becomes old and decrepit and grabs Caleb. William finds Thomasin and takes her home where Katherine angrily chastises Thomasin for taking Caleb into the woods before William reluctantly admits that he sold Katherine's cup.
Caleb is found outdoors in the rain that night, naked and delirious from an unknown illness. When he awakens the next day, Caleb expels a bloody apple from his mouth; Katherine believes it to be witchcraft. Caleb passionately proclaims his love to Christ before he dies, though Katherine believes Caleb to have been under some sort of spell. The twins then accuse Thomasin of witchcraft and, in retaliation, Thomasin reveals to the parents that the twins have had conversations with Black Phillip, the family's billy goat. Enraged, William boards both Thomasin and the twins inside the goat house. Thomasin overhears William break down and confess to God that he has been prideful and made his family leave their old village out of stubbornness rather than sincere religious devotion. Later in the night, the three children are woken by the sounds of rustling in the goat house and discover an old woman drinking milk from the goats. Meanwhile, inside the house, Katherine awakens to a vision of Caleb holding Samuel. After a brief discussion, Caleb offers Samuel to Katherine so she may breast feed the baby but the baby is shown to be in fact a crow that is pecking away at her breast.
The next day William awakens and walks outside to find the stable destroyed, the goats eviscerated, the twins missing and an unconscious Thomasin lying nearby with blood-stained hands. As Thomasin awakens, Black Phillip gores William before her eyes. An unhinged Katherine, who now blames Thomasin for the tragedies that have beset the family, attacks Thomasin, who stabs her mother to death in self-defense.
Alone, Thomasin enters the stable and urges Black Phillip to speak to her. The goat responds by asking if Thomasin would like to "live deliciously" and materializes into a tall, black-clad man. Black Phillip orders Thomasin to remove her clothes and to sign her name in a book that appears before her. Thomasin follows Black Phillip into the forest, where she joins a coven of witches holding a Witches' Sabbath around a bonfire. The coven begins to levitate and a laughing Thomasin joins them, ascending above the trees.